CLEANING UP: Cleaners are no stranger to gross surprises in Gladstone.
CLEANING UP: Cleaners are no stranger to gross surprises in Gladstone. AndreyPopov

HORROR CLEANS: 'So decomposed the maggots had even left'

ANIMAL faeces ground into the carpet, used condoms left inside bed sheets and smashed windows and doors. These are some of the 'challenges' the owner of a Gladstone cleaning service has encountered while conducting property bond cleans.

The problem is, those horrors, mortifying by anyone's standards, weren't even the most cringeworthy sights Michelle West has seen.

Miss West said a real estate company had contacted Wicked Cleaning in regards to a property urgently needing a bond clean, but warned the cleaners to bring breathing apparatuses to the property.


CRINGE: Gladstone's grossest bond clean horror stories

"We went in knowing there was a deceased animal in the house, but had no more information than that," she said.

"When we walked in, the smell was indescribable. It hit us so hard, even with the masks on."

Miss West said the source of the stench was quickly located behind a hot water system.

"The poor thing had obviously gotten jammed between the hot water service and the wall and it couldn't get out," she said.

Unable to escape, it can be assumed the unlucky cat died of dehydration long before anyone found it.

"I don't think the previous occupants ever found it," Miss West said sadly.

"It was really really gross. As in, take what you think is gross and multiply it.

"All the cat's body fat had soaked into the plaster board."

The animal's final resting place was cleaned by the professionals for over three days.

"It was so badly decomposed that the guts were missing and the maggots, who'd obviously fed on them, had even left," she groaned.

"So when you tried to pick it up, it would just crumble in your hands!"

The cleaning crew was forced to replace the base of the hot water service because of the extent to which the smell had permeated into the wood.

"We used eucalyptus, Glen 20, tea tree oil, anything with a scent, to try and get rid of the smell," she said.

Miss West imagined the property owners would have had to repaint the tainted area of the house in order to hide the horrible death and discovery of the once-furry family friend.

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