Vikki and Helena preparing their dessert in tonight's challenge.
Vikki and Helena preparing their dessert in tonight's challenge. Channel 7

Greek twins to face MKR rivals after food truck defeat

MELBOURNE'S discerning diners were tough critics on My Kitchen Rules last night.

The second food truck challenge saw quite a few dishes being sent back to the kitchen on both sides.

But white is proving to be a lucky colour with the white apron group earning more money for the second time.

As the winners of the school lunch challenge, Uel and Shannelle were allowed to pick their "dream team" for their pop-up restaurant.

They chose Tassie girls Thalia and Bianca, Melbourne locals Harry and Christo, mums Bree and Jessica and experimental foodies Josh and Danielle.

That left rivals Kelly and Chloe and Helena and Vikki on the same team.

Interestingly, Uel and Shannelle appointed Harry and Christo the head chef and maitre d' of the white apron team.

Food truck boss Colin Fassnidge checks in on Harry and Christo.
Food truck boss Colin Fassnidge checks in on Harry and Christo.

But it turned out to be a good move with the so far underperforming mates vowing to impress the "tough foodie crowd" of their home town.

The members of the black apron team also made the questionable decision of making food truck virgins Paul and Blair their head chef and maitre d'.

"I've never worked in a restaurant. I don't even know how to spell maitre d'," Paul joked.

They also decided to prepare and serve an appetiser, beef carpaccio, that Paul had made and tasted once and that Blair had never even eaten.

But their appetiser turned out to be one of the group's better dishes of the day.

Judge Manu Feildel called the carpaccio "delicious" and "melt in the mouth".

Harry's family cucumber soup recipe was called bland by some customers, but the judges seemed pleased with the dish's "subtle" flavours.

A few minutes out from service and the white apron group were having a few dramas with both of the main courses. Kelly and Chloe burned their sauce and Jason was struggling with his prep of the salmon.

While the Perth girls managed to whip up another sauce, Jason continued to struggle to perfectly cook his salmon.

The pressure mounted after four undercooked salmon dishes were sent back.

Judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans try Thalia and Bianca's dessert.
Judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans try Thalia and Bianca's dessert.

Fassnidge gave the lovable cheesemaker a bit of a pep talk to help save the end of the main course service.

Twins Helena and Vikki played it safe with a much-loved family dessert, but after Helena burned her finger frying their Green honey puffs she had to swap places with her apparently "brainless" sister.

But the white apron group also had dramas with dessert. Some of Bree and Jessica's poached pears were sent back for being undercooked.

One guest described it as "jackhammer action" to cut into the hard pear.

While the dish looked pretty as a picture, it didn't taste as good as it looked.

"This was one of those times when something looks beautiful but it just doesn't deliver on the flavour," Evans said.

Both Cathy and Anna's tartlet and Helena and Vikki's puffs were deemed too sickly sweet.

Bianca and Thalia's dessert got the best feedback from the guests and judges and probably helped to push their group over the line.

Tonight rivals Helen and Vikki and Kelly and Chloe will compete against each other and the rest of the losing black apron team to determine who will face off against Carly and Tresne in Tuesday's sudden death cook-off.


Melbourne lunch menus:

White Apron Group

Appetiser: Chilled cucumber soup with scallop ceviche

Main: Asian spiced sirloin with Umami broth and pak choy

Main: Crispy fried chicken with peanut vermicelli salad

Dessert: Orange syrup cake with caramelized pineapple and crème fraiche 

Dessert: Sake poached pear with ricotta fritter and zabaglione


Black Apron Group

Appetiser: Beef carpaccio with celeriac remoulade

Main: Dukkah crusted salmon with green leaves and roasted beetroot

Main: Fillet of lamb with Israeli cous cous and Persian cigar

Dessert: Lemon curd Loukamades with honey thyme syrup

Dessert: Macadamia tartlets with caramelised apples

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