Graffiti protest unwelcome in Lennox

Some more of the anti-road closure graffiti.
Some more of the anti-road closure graffiti. Contributed

FOR a second time, graffiti has been sprayed around Lennox Head by someone who is opposed to the proposed eastern road closure at Lake Ainsworth.

The vandal has in the past week painted on footpaths and walls of buildings in the village and near the lake.

This follows the recent council decision to progress with the planning of the development application for the parkland at the south-eastern area of the lake, which will include closing the eastern road.

Monica Wilcox, from the Lake Ainsworth Interest Group, which has been lobbying for the road to be closed, said "the tolerance for all the stunts being pulled in the name of keeping the eastern road open has worn very thin with the rest of Lennox, but the last straw is this ongoing vandalism".

Pip Carter, the spokesperson for Preserving Lake Ainsworth Inc, which has been lobbying to keep the eastern road open, said the group did not condone acts of vandalism.

"We're dead set against anything like that," he said.

"It doesn't do anything to help our cause."

It is understood that it may be known who the perpetrator is, but taking action is difficult without catching them in the act.

If you see any person in the act, phone the police.

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