Govt cracks down on 3D-printed guns

NSW Labor has accused the government of rushing through new gun laws without allowing time for proper scrutiny.

Bans on 3D-printed guns and increased penalties for illegal firearms offences have received bipartisan support.

But Labor MP Jodi McKay echoed a common theme of recent parliamentary weeks: criticism of the government's apparent haste to push through laws.

"Once again, we are being forced to examine legislation that has been rushed through without any regard for the proper processes of this place," she said.

"I do not know how many times I have stated that in the past two weeks.

"Debate on important legislation is being left to the last minute."

It is not illegal to possess a stolen firearm part under the current Firearm Act or to manufacture guns on a three-dimensional printer.

Both loopholes are about to be closed.

Even having the digital blueprints needed to print a gun will become a criminal offence.

"Although I am unaware of any crimes committed in our State with weapons created on 3D printers, this Government is trying to prevent these crimes before they happen by getting tough on the homemade production of firearms and weapons," Liberal MP and former police officer Mark Taylor said.

Defacing weapons to make their origin impossible to track will soon attract up to a 14-year prison term, up from the current five-year maximum.

Possessing a stolen firearm will also be punishable by 14 years in jail.


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