‘Get over it’: Bitter Sunrise blow-up

‘Get over it’: Bitter Sunrise blow-up

ONE Nation leader Pauline Hanson has clashed with Greens Senator and Sarah Hanson-Young in a fiery debate about the same-sex marriage postal survey.

Senator Hanson told viewers on Sunrise today that she believed the postal vote was not valid as many people had decided to sell their survey form or it had been stolen from them.

"We are being treated as fools," she said.

"Let the people have their say in the proper way at the next election," she added.

"There should be no hate in this

"Everyone should realise we are given a say in this."

But before she could finish, Senator Hanson-Young interrupted her to ask: "Are you suggesting we scrap this and put this to another vote? ... that just seems crazy."

"Let's just get it done," she added.

But Senator Hanson would not give up, telling the Greens senator: "You know that votes are being sold out there, you know that they've been stolen and you know it's not correct.

"It's not right and if this comes up of people saying no they don't want same-sex marriage, are you just going to keep quiet and say absolutely nothing about it?."

"I bet my every last dollar you won't."

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson on Sunrise today.
One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson on Sunrise today. Sunrise - Twitter

Senator Hanson said she thought what was happening with the postal vote was "wrong" and it was not a "true vote".

But Senator Hanson-Young fought back, telling her that people are voting yes and they will get it done.

Sunrise host Samantha Armytage then intervened, asking her what happens if the survey fails and there is a vote in parliament and it doesn't get up.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on Sunrise today.
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young on Sunrise today. Twitter - Sunrise

Senator Hanson-Young replied, saying: "I think they're are going to be many broken hearts.

"This is a man who broke the nation's heart before, we can't let him do it again. We have to vote yes."

She then turned her attention back to Pauline, telling her: "You'll run the fear campaign, you'll say kids can't call their parents mum and dad. We all know that's crap. That's absolute crap."

But before she could finish, Senator Hanson bit back, saying: "Sarah, there you go again. I'm sick and tired of the greens of you misrepresnreting my words.

The survey for same-sex marriage is about to hit Australian letterboxes after a challenge in the High Court failed to stop its release.
The survey for same-sex marriage is about to hit Australian letterboxes after a challenge in the High Court failed to stop its release. AAP Image - Australian Government

Senator Hanson-Young then accused her of trying to tell viewers she doesn't get to have her say, and to "get over it".

The debate came after Labor leader Bill Shorten says it's important Australia isn't one of the last developed nations to legalise same sex marriage, as the debate continues to divide the community.

Activists on both sides of the debate took part in events across the country at the weekend, with launches for the Yes and No campaigns.

Mr Shorten told reporters on Sunday the postal survey was on marriage equality, adding that "everything else is just white noise" as he continued his campaign for the Yes vote.

"All the other issues can be dealt with elsewhere," he said. Senator Cory Bernardi launched the No campaign in Sydney on Saturday evening, telling an audience of 1000 a Yes vote would lead to "weaponised" anti- discrimination laws and "legal warfare".

"Vote no" appeared in skywriting over Sydney city on Sunday morning, and appears to have been funded by an anonymous Go Fund Me page which raised more than $2,300.

High-profile Yes campaigners, including Magda Szubanski and Sydney City councillor Christine Forster, attended rallies across capital cities on Sunday urging supporters to remember returning their survey forms.

Almost half of all eligible Australians should receive their ballot by the end of last week after survey forms were posted from September 12. Results are expected on November 15.

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