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Gay marriage 'impossible': Archbishop

HOMOSEXUALS are entitled to the same justice as everyone else, but the idea of a gay marriage is simply impossible, the incoming Archbishop of Brisbane Mark Coleridge has outlined.

In his first press conference at the Wynberg House in New Farm today, the Catholic Archbishop designate of Brisbane Mark Coleridge was asked about the "torturous and hot issues" of civil unions and same-sex marriage.

The Archbishop, who will leave his position as the Archbishop of the Canberra Diocese to take up the same role in Brisbane, was clear to spell out that he was not "homophobic" and strongly believed homosexuals had as much right to justice as anyone else in the world.

"Any discrimination of homosexual people of any kind is unacceptable," he said.

But the 63-year-old said while gay marriage was not "unacceptable" it was simply "impossible".

"In other words, marriage depends upon the difference of complementarity of the sexes," he said.

"If you are talking about a relationship that doesn't presume that, you are talking about something else.

"You may be talking about love, but nuptial love is a love of a particular kind. To talk about a relationship that is not based upon the difference of complementarity of the sexes and the potential fruitfulness that implies ... don't call it marriage.

"Call it something else and if you do call it marriage you run the risk of degrading marriage and reducing it to one among a number of equally valid or invalid measures left for the individual to choose."

But civil unions, legally recognised by Queensland Parliament at the end of last year, are also seriously problematic.

"Experience would suggest that civil unions are a way towards homosexual marriage and I am uneasy about civil unions for that reason," Archbishop Coleridge said.

"If they are a second class approach then we have a problem."

Archbishop Coleridge's installation mass will be held on May 11.

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