GATTON couple Tamara Blair and Danny Anderson love to get out on the lake for a waterski - so it seemed only natural that their son Ryder would follow in their footsteps.

Even if he was just seven months old.

Ryder Anderson has become a YouTube sensation, with a clip of him waterskiing around Lake Dyer near Laidley notching up 390,000 views.

Filmed in February, the video shows Ryder being  towed on a modified ski by his uncle.

The viral video has led to television networks such as ESPN and MTV contacting Ms Blair and Mr Anderson.

"It's getting out of control really," Mr Anderson said.

"I was thinking maybe 1000 views. The only reason it went on there was because we were trying to share it with the Lake Dyer staff and our family.

"It's probably a once in a lifetime sort of thing, so we'll just take it as it comes."

Mr Anderson said concerns about Ryder's safety were unfounded, as he had been towing his son around the yard for hours prior to trying it in the water.

"It's a solid handle…he was holding onto it like he was holding onto a coffee table.

"As soon as I put him out it - he starts grinning, little smirk on his face, you can't wipe it off."

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