GEORGE RR Martin, the author behind the novels which inspire the hit TV series Game of Thrones, has fallen in love with Australia's cuddly koalas.

Speaking to media at a special press conference in Brisbane today at the Supanova Pop Culture Expo, Martin talked about visiting Brisbane's Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

"We'll see koalas in the next book," joked actor Mark Addy, who played King Robert Baratheon in the first series.

But Martin was quick to quip: "Yes but I would make a carnivorous koalas….that would bite into the neck."

The medieval fantasy series is known for its bloody violence and explicit sexual scenes and is famously the most illegally downloaded TV show in history.

And if you're a fan of the show, don't send Martin your fan fiction.

While Fifty Shades of Grey might have made the jump from the page to the big screen, Martin is not fond of fan fiction.

"I was an aspiring writer and I think a lot of people who write fan fiction are aspiring writers. It's a lazy way to go when you're just taking my characters and writing your own stories about my characters," he said when quizzed on the subject.

"I recognise it's an act of love and I've had many people who write fan fiction say 'Why do you hate us? We're just trying to show how much we love you but, you know, I'd rather they made up their own characters and their own stories and not just borrowed my world.

"These characters are real to me. I've been living with them since 1991. I know what they would do and can't do."

The fourth series of the TV show is currently being filmed and Martin serves as an executive producer on one episode each year.

Joining Martin at today's Supanova press conference were Addy, Jerome Flynn, who plays Bronn, and Michelle Fairley, whose character Catelyn Stark was killed off in spectacular fashion in the "Red Wedding" episode earlier this year.

Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, will also attend Supanova this weekend, although she was unable to attend today's press conference.

Game of Thrones side events will also be held at the Sydney Opera House on Monday and in Melbourne on Wednesday.

Game of Thrones writer, stars at Supanova

GAME of Thrones author George R.R. Martin has joined  four actors from the HBO hit series at Supanova in Brisbane.

Martin, an American author of fantasy, horror and science fiction, is best known for A Song of Ice and Fire, the international bestselling series of epic fantasy novels that HBO adapted for Game of Thrones.

The Supanova Expo showcases sci-fi, fantasy, comic books, anime, manga, games and much more.

After starting in Sydney in 2002, it has since expanded to six cities, including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

Last year, it attracted 120,000 fans.

The event allows people to enjoy movie previews, gaming demonstrations, competitions, AWF Wrestling, as well as access to pop culture items such as comics, DVDS, figurines, accessories and clothing.

Many fans enjoys getting into 'CosPlay' - costume roleplay - to bring  their favourite characters to life and compete in the

 Madman National Cosplay Championship.

The Dark Lord loving being out in the sun.
The Dark Lord loving being out in the sun. Blainey Woodham

It's just the event you could see Big Bang Theory stars right at home at.

Martin, who began writing very young, selling monster stories to other neighbourhood children for pennies, was selected by Timemagazine as one of the "2011 Time 100″, a list of the "most influential people in the world".

His first professional sale was made in 1970 at age 21 when he sold The Hero to Galaxy. It was published in 1971. At the same time graduated with a bachelor degree in journalism and later became a journalism instructor before becoming a full time writer in 1979.

Michelle Fairley in a scene from the TV series Game of Thrones.
Michelle Fairley in a scene from the TV series Game of Thrones. Showtime Channel

After moving to Hollywood, he started working at CBS Television in 1986 where he became executive story consultant for Beauty and the Beast.

Martin will be joined by Michelle Fairley, Lena Headley, Mark Addy and Jerome Flynn from the Game of Thrones at a press conference at Supanova at the RNA Showgrounds.


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