QT's Mummy Columnist Clare Evans of Goodna.
QT's Mummy Columnist Clare Evans of Goodna. David Nielsen

Fussy eater ends up in bed without her dinner

NOT EATING: It was a battle of wills, but in the end mum held strong.
NOT EATING: It was a battle of wills, but in the end mum held strong. THINK STOCK

LAST night I did something I never thought I would actually do. I've promised to do it, I've been halfway and then chickened out, but last night I went the whole hog.

I sent the She-Devil to bed without dinner.

Dinner in our house can be a fairly painful affair, especially when it comes to the She-Devil. She would exist purely on hot Milo if it were up to her. She's a carb addict from way back and will eat anything as long as it's white. Rice, rice crackers, rice cakes, plain pasta, mashed potato. Anything chip-based. Chicken drumsticks. So she's not really my go-to guide when I'm seeking dinner inspiration.

Of course, this is not a sustainable diet. Being a white food eater is not really a healthy life choice. I also promised myself long ago that I would not be a sucker who cooked multiple meals for different members of the family. So she gets served up exactly what the rest of us are eating, regardless of how much white stuff is in there.

About 4pm every afternoon, I start to develop a nervous twitch. I'm waiting for the inquisition to commence.

What's for dinner?

Veggie casserole and rice.

What veggies? Potatoes?

Yes, potatoes.

What else?


What else?

What other white veggies can I think of? Mushrooms?

And that's where it begins. You see, mushrooms are a trick vegetable. Yes, they're white, but they're still on the no-eat list. Mentioning mushrooms is a rookie error, made out of sleep deprivation and over multitasking. Mentioning mushrooms kickstarts the sook heard around the world.

But it wasn't mushrooms that led to the whole bed without dinner incident. It was sweet potato. Which, although not white, she will happily eat in chip form. But not in her dinner.

After a particularly tough few days, I had to bring out the big guns. And usually, when I give the dinner or bed ultimatum, she gives in and eats.

But not last night. Last night, the thought of eating sweet potato was clearly so repulsive that even missing out on her post-dinner hot Milo ritual was not enough to get her to eat her dinner. There was not enough white stuff in there for her to pick out; all the good potato had been tarnished by its evil orange cousin.

So bed it was. There were tears, hers and mine, but I didn't cave. I felt like the worst mother in the world to tell you the truth, sending my child to bed without dinner. I gave her a big cuddle and told her that I loved her very much, and at that point where I usually give in and make her something else I turned around and walked out of the room, feeling like I had a mean mummy neon sign flashing over my head.

The first words out of her mouth this morning? What's for dinner tonight mum? I suppose I had better make it something white.


New trick has El Baberino swiping at glasses

WHEN I look back over photos from when the other kids were little, my appearance seems to change quite dramatically around the 8 or 9 month mark. My hair gets shorter. I swap to contact lenses instead of glasses. I stop wearing earrings.

Thanks to El Baberino's new tricks this week I've remembered why.

El Baberino's favourite game is not peekaboo. Or playing with her stacking rings, or baby blocks. Or even eating squishy books, which she has previously thought was pretty ace. No, her new favourite game is Let's Pull Mum's Glasses Off Her Face and Wave Them Around A Bit.

She tried it on Dad's metal frames too, and now he could probably fit his specs on two heads at once.

She also likes Let's Pull Mum's Hair Out By Its Roots, and Let's Stick Our Fingers In Mum's Earrings and See If We Can Pull Them Right Out.

Although these games are potentially disfiguring, and removing the temptation from her tiny fingers will be expensive, they're still much better games than her other current favourite.

Which is Let's Take Off Our Nappy and Poo On The Rug.

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