Funny how there is no TV comedy

THE state of Australian television comedy is a joke, but I am not laughing.

Whatever happened to the glory days of The D-Generation, The Late Show, Comedy Company, Fast Forward, Big Girl's Blouse, The Panel, Frontline, Thank God You're Here?

Sure those shows might not seem funny in a rearview mirror tainted with cynicism, but they were hilarious for their time.

Pixie Anne Wheatley, Con the Fruiterer, Marg Downey's Jana Wendt, Hunch, Kylie Mole, BargeArse, Shirty The Slightly Aggressive Bear, Graham and the Colonel. Tell me you are not smiling.

What if I say "like a tigerrr"?

Kath and Kim is Australia's Absolutely Fabulous, but both look dated and tattered today.

Aussie comedy has a solid bedrock in classics like Australia You're Standing In It, The Big Gig, Mother and Son, Norman Gunston, Paul Hogan and the Aunty Jack Show.

But sitting on that decades-old foundation is an asbestos-filled fibro shack, rocks through its windows and cigarette burns on the brown lino.

Every country should have satirists to lampoon and lambaste politics and pomp.

Tonight Live with Steve Vizard and Rove were better and edgier than the much-too-nice Adam Hills.

And what happened to The Chaser boys? They've become consumer advocates, that's what.

Where's the funny?

Good News Week was good, but outstayed its welcome.

Something called the Slide Show is coming soon on Seven, and promos so far have plastered the likable faces of Grant Denyer (is it too soon?) and Ahn Do everywhere; while Ten debuted This Week Live on Wednesday.

The former looks like a rebooted Thank God You're Here with a tilting set in a throwback to some slapstick vaudeville; while the latter appears to be The Panel in fancy new urban duds.

I think it is sad that significant events like the GFC, which has shaken so many of us on so many levels, and the Gillard-Rudd farce have not spawned a quality laugh-maker out there in our own backyard.

Good lord, we needed it.

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