The game is heavily influenced by PUBG.
The game is heavily influenced by PUBG.

Historic Fortnite achievement goes viral

A PLAYER on the wildly popular video game Fortnite has used a 'shopping cart' to become the first person to return to the game's starting point.

A video posted on YouTube by OrangeGuy shows how the gamer constructed a bridge within the game and used a shopping cart to reach "spawn island." The BBC reports that Fortnite players gather on "spawn island" before each round of the survival game begins. Shopping trolleys have recently been introduced into the game, it says.

"This is the only legit and real way to get to the spawn island on Fortnite: Battle Royale," says a post accompanying the video. OrangeGuy's video of the feat has been viewed more than 135,000 times on YouTube.


Epic Games' free Fortnite Battle Royale spin-off has been a massive success with gamers. The multiplayer shooter game, which lets players navigate a vast landscape, has racked up a huge following since its release as an early access game last year.

Citing comments made during a quarterly earnings call by Chinese internet services giant Tencent, Marketwatch reported this week that "Fortnite" has over 40 million monthly active users.

A global cultural phenomenon, Fortnite has been breaking records left, right and centre. Fortnite became the most viewed game on YouTube earlier this year, surpassing Minecraft, PUBG and Clash Royale, according to data released in March by influencer marketing platform Matchmade.

Underlining its popularity, Fortnite set a new YouTube record for a live gaming stream earlier this year. The game also set a new record for most videos related to a video game uploaded to YouTube.

Fortnite is breaking records everywhere.
Fortnite is breaking records everywhere.


The game is heavily influenced by Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - a Battle-Royale game which places 100 players on a remote island for a winner-takes-all showdown.

Fornite has no single-player campaign and the online component ends as soon as you die - there are no second chances.

Players drop out of a flying purple bus and parachute down to an island below where they try to locate weapons and supplies in distinct regions that will be used to kill others in the game.

To ensure fast gameplay, Fortnite eventually forces players into a shrinking play zone - if you're outside of that area, your health begins to drain until you're dead.

Unlike Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, Fortnite puts a large focus on crafting, which is made possible from the game's destructible environments.

Once you've collected enough resources to build something, you can begin assembling walls and ramps for protection, with the game also allowing players to create traps.


As mentioned earlier, Fortnite is free to download on almost every video game platform.

And with 45 million players worldwide, it might seem like the developer missed its chance to make a fortune from selling the title.

Although, it appears Epic Games is trying to get money from microtransactions - players pay $A12.71 for $1000 of the virtual currency used by the game.

Using the virtual currency players can purchase items for their character which are "cosmetic only and grant no competitive advantage".

This story first appeared on Fox News.

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