Evans Head resident Doug Behn.
Evans Head resident Doug Behn. JERAD WILLIAMS

NRMA mechanic helps Evans residents fix big insurance bills

DOUG Behn is well known around Evans Head as an NRMA-certified mechanic and, occasionally, an independent political candidate.

However, lately he's also become a kind-of  de facto insurance consultant as he and his wife, Di, help NRMA insurance customers in the town sort out problems with their oversized flood insurance bills.

Mr Behn, who is as NRMA mechanical workshop owner and runs Behn's Service Centre with his wife Di, said they'd helped, on average, five to six people a week with NRMA flood policy concerns.

>>Aged pensioner's flood insurance raised from $21 to $14,000

"We've been here nearly 40 years now, and we're always here to help," Mr Behn said.

"There's people like me all over NSW who do exactly the same thing for their members in their areas."

As long-time locals, Mr Behn said they had had a lot of success in resolving local NRMA customer concerns.

"Remember your renewal is sent to you by a computer generated form and may not get everything right," he said.

"If you bring it to Di, she can make sure it is and might even save you money."

Last Friday, the Northern Star published a story about Evans Head resident Steve Cselka, whose NRMA flood insurance increased from $1300 to $5854 this month, despite council flood mapping showing his home is well out of any flood areas.

Since then, several people from across the region have contacted the Northern Star with similar stories.

Richmond Valley Council general manager John Walker said the council had also received several complaints.

An NRMA Insurance spokesman said the company had conducted its own internal flood mapping because the Richmond Valley Council flood study did not include Evans Head.

However, Mr Walker said the reason Evans Head was not included on the last official flood study was because it is not a flood prone area.

He said a new flood study was almost complete.

Mr Walker said it reinforces existing council data, given to NRMA, which shows Evans Head "does not flood".

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