Flight from hell: Passenger sets fire to toilets repeatedly

PASSENGERS who suffered through a horror Ethiad airlines flight, have taken to social media to vent their outrage at the 15 hour ordeal which left them trapped onboard with a firebug.

Melbourne to Abu Dhabi flight EY 461 made an emergency landing in Jakarta late Monday after smoke was detected in the cabin.

Security checks were carried out at Jakarta and luggage searched by the plane had to continue on dur to immigration laws.

One passenger told the Herald Sun that someone on board had been lighting fires in the lavatory.

She said the flight had resumed for about two hours before smoke filled the cabin once again.

An Instagram post by Caroline Martens, who claimed to be onboard, read "Try having someone set the plane of fire, in two different places, having to emergency land in Jakarta, get back on after hours of investigations, for the IDIOT to set three more fires in three more toilets while midair and nowhere to land."

The plane eventually landed safely in Abu Dhabi.

Investigations are continuing.

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