17-year-old Johran McCormick was shot by his girlfriend's father.
17-year-old Johran McCormick was shot by his girlfriend's father. INM

Father finds daughter's boyfriend in her bed, shoots him

A FATHER shot dead his daughter's 17-year-old boyfriend after finding him in her bedroom at night.

Police said Johran McCormick died when the girl's unnamed father mistook him for an intruder and shot him in Harris County, Texas.

The 16-year-old girl allegedly snuck Johran into her room without permission. Her father was then awoken by one of his four children, who told him there was someone else in the house.

According to detectives, the man then picked up his gun and went to his daughter's room to investigate.

After finding Johran there, his daughter immediately denied knowing him, leading to an argument between him and the boy.

Her father called police before an argument broke out. He then opened fire when the teen dropped his hands as if to pick something up. 1

Police said Johran, who died at the scene, was unarmed.

His mother Zakia told KHOU 11 News on Friday: "I have never felt pain like this. Ever."

"He didn't deserve to die like that."

Harris County Officials have said they will present their findings to the Harris County Grand Jury for its consideration.

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