Farmer Glen Blonik's response to the heaven's opening.
Farmer Glen Blonik's response to the heaven's opening.

‘Someone’s excited’: Farmer’s cheeky rain dance

ON A normal day, displays of public nudity might be frowned upon. But Australia will allow it for farmer Glen Blonik, as he skips across newly sodden fields near Dubbo in central west NSW.

The town has seen 23mm of much needed moisture so far this weekend.

Right on cue, the predicted "substantial rain event" has brought downpours to many drought affected parts of the east coast.

Some areas of Queensland have seen more rain in a few hours than the Past few months.

Mr Blonik's partner Min Colman shared the video of him, wearing just an Akubra, splashing and shrieking as the heavens opened.

"Someone's a bit excited," read the caption on Ms Colman's post, shared on Facebook.

Talking to the ABC, she said the couple were "doing it pretty tough" with the drought.

As the rains poured down on Saturday, her partner "thought he'd rejoice in it".

"We can already see the little shoots of weed … coming through, which is just really encouraging," She said.

Warning: Nudity

Getting on for a million people have seen the video. One complimented Mr Blonik on his "piece of ass". Another simply said he was a "champion Aussie".

A low pressure system that headed into NSW and Queensland from South Australia this weekend has seen the skies open as it hit moisture from the Coral and Tasman seas.

Up to 45mm has fallen in some corners of the Darling Downs in southern Queensland. East of Charleville the rain gauge has surpassed 50mm.

A wet Brisbane has seen over 20mm of rain since just before dawn, with Coolangatta seeing 28mm overnight.

"Most of the rain is mainly east of about Roma, over the Darling Downs and further east," Bureau of Meteorology's Lachlan Stoney told AAP on Sunday.

"Areas west of Roma are quite clear at the moment and they won't see any further rain. But they have seen that same pattern of generally 5-20mm.

"We have seen some isolated falls, in the order of 50mm."

Rain clouds are expected to head to sea from Sunday afternoon, before clear skies are seen over the city on Monday.

Northern and central west NSW have also been wet with Moree registering almost 30mm and 10mm falling in Byron Bay since 9am today.

In the 24 hours to 9am Saturday, Coffs Harbour saw 56mm of rain.

Sydney and Newcastle have seen some sprinkles but, as of yet, the rain has avoided the city heading out to sea or across the mountains instead.

The forecast for Sunday is for some rain in the Harbour City which could continue into Monday.

Canberra may see a shower or two and a high of 15C with a chilly week to come of freezing mornings.

A separate system is bringing rain and snow to Tasmania on Sunday.

The skies have opened up in the west of the isle and will head east as Sunday continues. Snow is forecast at around 300m in Hobart and 200m in the southwest. Tassie's capital could sink to as low as 3C overnight.

Melbourne could see a shower or two on Sunday that may persist into Monday. A high of 16C but the mercury will cool into the early teens as the week goes on.

Adelaide is looking dry and partly cloudy with highs of 17C. Perth will be sunny with a high of 22C.

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