Facial features are windows to your insides

IF EYES are the windows to the soul then, according to traditional Chinese medicine, the face is the window to your internal system.

According to Chinese face diagnosis the face is viewed to be much like a mirror, so the internal condition and wellness of our bodies are reflected externally through various facets of our faces.

Face reading is a technique that has been used for centuries by practitioners and healers to help diagnose a person's overall health and wellbeing.


What your features are trying to tell you

The forehead: links with the process of digestion.

You can find even very young people with quite deep lines on their forehead that can't be attributed to aging but certainly can when taking into account their dietary habits and digestion.

The upper part of the forehead is associated with the bladder, the middle with stomach digestion and the lower with the small intestine.

So sensitivity on the middle of the forehead, for example, could relate to poor diet and sluggish digestion, which may be a result of eating too late at night.


Between the eyes: this section is known as the "wine and dine area".

Sometimes you may find it becomes red or irritated or you may even have a permanent vertical line there, not always associated with frowning.

This could be reflecting intolerance to food such as dairy products, wheat or processed sugars, or simply poor eating habits.


The brows: These days, we all seem to be suffering from more stress in our lives.

A quick way to check how stress is affecting you is to take a look at your eyebrow hair.

If it seems unusually wiry or long, it could be an indication of adrenal stress.

Fine eyebrow hair or tapering brows can be a sign of adrenal exhaustion or thyroid issues.


The eyes: what do those dark circles under the eyes really mean?

Well, in Chinese philosophy, the under-eye area relates to the kidneys, so it may indicate your elimination is weak.

The darkness can reflect excess toxins and the need for a system cleanse or simply that the body would benefit from more water to aid its functions.


The cheeks: The cheek zone relates to the lungs.

They are often red and irritated and may feel spongy to the touch if you tend to have sinus congestion, asthma or perhaps live in a polluted area.

Any of these symptoms may also mean there could be increased sensitivity to certain active skincare products, so patch testing and the minimalist approach are advisable.

If there are broken capillaries, this could be from stress of the lungs associated with smoking.

Dehydration over the cheeks may be the result of a recent cold or reaction to cold, sinus and flu medication.

If you can't get rid of those persistent breakouts on your lower cheeks, it may be because this area relates to the gums and back teeth.


The lips: Cracking, dry lips?

We can often blame the weather, but take a look at how your diet may have changed as you move into the various seasons or if you've been worried about something recently, as cracking lips is a sign of gastric stress.


The chin: Do you get recurring monthly breakouts on the sides of your chin?

Not surprisingly, in Chinese face reading this area relates to the ovaries.

You may notice the breakouts occur on opposite sides of the chin each month in unison with the particular ovary that happens to be ovulating.

The middle of the chin, however, relates to the elimination process of the bowel.

If you have a breakout or irritation there, this would suggest a current imbalance.


Top tips

  • Follow a natural, wholefoods diet
  • Drink plenty of clear, filtered water
  • Start the day with lemon juice in warm water
  • Minimise sugar, alcohol and saturated fats
  • Use skincare products appropriate to your skin type


--Fiona Tuck, Skinstitut Australia's managing director and author of The Myth Minx, www.skinstitut.com/blog

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