Court hears witness screamed for ambulance as woman lay dead

THE sole eyewitness to an alleged murder of a pregnant Bundaberg woman has given his account of her final hours.

Christopher Kenneth Green yesterday took the stand in the trial of 39-year-old Craig Andrew Holzberger, who is accused of murdering his then girlfriend, 24-year-old Tenille Hass, who was pregnant with Green's child.

Under cross-examination, Green told Bundaberg Supreme Court despite the infidelity between Hass and Green, which led to her pregnancy, the trio was on good terms and had been drinking together at his Avoca home on the night of Tenille's March 2011 death.

Green said he fell asleep on the couch after the three of them had been drinking for some time but he was woken by the sound of a door slamming.

He found Holzeberger was in the kitchen but Tenille had left the house and was at the bottom of the driveway.

Green said Tenille told him she was leaving and when he went back inside, Holzberger then went to her.

"I couldn't make out anything they were saying or anything. Seemed like they were having a bit of an argument or something," Green said.

"I seen him stab her three times. I came flying out of the house and ran up the hill and grabbed her."

Green said he put Tenille on the couch inside and urged Holzberger to phone an ambulance, but he replied: "I can't. Look what I've done to her."

He said Holzberger moved Tenille into the shower where she died a short time later, despite Green's attempts at CPR.

"I was screaming out 'ring an ambulance, ring an ambulance, she's dead'," Green told the court. "I came running out and I said she's dead, what have you done?"

Pathologist Charles Naylor gave evidence that three wounds were found on Tenille's body during autopsy and all appeared to be inflicted by a knife or other similar object.

He said Tenille suffered two of the apparent stab wounds to her chest and a third to her shoulder.

Dr Naylor said one wound had penetrated about 90mm into her chest and had hit a lung but said she could have survived that wound with medical treatment.

The wound he believes killed Tenille was also to her chest and struck her pulmonary artery, causing the sac around her heart to fill with blood leading to a cardiac tamponade.

"It is rapidly fatal if untreated," Dr Naylor said.

"That was the fatal wound."

The trial continues.

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