Dating guru: Men fear rejection more than women

SINGLE men are terrified of rejection.

In fact, according to researched commissioned by dating website RSVP, more than one-in-three said the biggest obstacle to finding a serious relationship was their fear of being knocked back.

For single women, the same number found there were just too few places or occasions to meet other singles.

Only 18% listed "fear of rejection" as a major issue, half that listed by men.

Limited opportunities and "a lack of eligible singles in the appropriate age bracket" were more of a concern for women.

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According to RSVP, more than 3500 Australians were surveyed by Nielsen for its 2014 Date of the Nation Report.

The romance website has been drip-feeding the results of its research for much of the year.

In this latest release, RSVP's resident relationship expert and psychologist John Aiken complains that men "appear to be taking dating setbacks too personally".

"For many single men, the dating process can be daunting and they view it as an opportunity for possible failure and rejection, whereas women appear to be more pragmatic. For single women, it's more about a lack of numbers," Mr Aiken said.

"Limited opportunities to meet new singles comes up in the top three challenges for both men and women and that's why online dating continues to grow in popularity - it offers access to a much larger group of singles than you'll find at any bar, pub or BBQ."

Single Men - Main challenges to finding a serious relationship:

1. The fear of rejection (36%)

2. Limited opportunities or occasions to meet other singles (24%)

3. A lack of eligible singles in local area (13%)  

Single Women - Main challenges to finding a serious relationship

1. Limited opportunities or occasions to meet other singles (36%)

2. A lack of eligible singles in the appropriate age bracket (20%)

3. The fear of rejection (18%)    

What is the biggest challenge to finding your soul mate?

This poll ended on 26 September 2014.

Current Results

I'm terrified of rejection so I don't take the chances I should.


I'm not meeting enough new people.


I don't have much going for me.


I have found mine.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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