A SUNDAY evening drive through Corcoran Park has left one teenage girl without a car and a father asking council to please explain.

Just after 8pm on Sunday Angel Windred and a friend decided to finish off the weekend with a quick visit to the park.

However, when the pair returned to the entrance just before 8.30pm, they had been locked in.

"We'd been to this park lots of times as kids and there's always someone who comes and kicks you out before they lock up," Ms Windred said. "I was really worried I'd have to stay there overnight."

Ms Windred called the council after-hours number and was told someone would come down to let them out. But after two hours of waiting in the dark, it was evident no one was coming.

"I called my dad who came and got us but we had to leave the car behind until morning," Ms Windred said.

"I was worried about leaving the car behind but there wasn't anything else we could do."

Ms Windred's concerns were soon justified when she returned in the morning to drive the car home, only to discover the fuel tank had been stripped, destroying the fuel pump, fuel lines and strap in the process.

"At first I thought it was just a flat battery," Ms Windred said. "It wasn't until a friend noticed something hanging down from underneath the car did we realise it was much worse."

Brian Windred said he wants answers from Clarence Valley Council about his daughter's ordeal.

"Council said to me there are always three people on the roster for emergency callouts, which makes the whole situation worse to me because no one turned up," Mr Windred said.

"Apparently the same thing happened a week ago to a family with kids who were also locked in.

"You'd think they would have ensured after that they would double check if anyone was still left in the park."

Clarence Valley Council works and civil director Troy Anderson said there was a call to council's after hours contact about 9pm, with the caller advising their car had been locked in the park.

He said during a routine security check a two-tone Commodore with P plates was also seen in the park.

"Security staff checked the area, including the toilet block, for people and couldn't find anyone," he said.

"As standard practice they left a business card under the wiper that contained the security company's contact number.

"They did not receive a call. They also confirmed the vehicle was still in the car park on a second drive- through and there were no people about."

Mr Anderson said any theft from the vehicle would be a matter for police.

Police are investigating.

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