My Kitchen Rules contestants Eva and Debra.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Eva and Debra. Channel 7

Eva and Debra secure spot in MKR semi-finals

CHILI and spices secured Eva and Debra's spot in My Kitchen Rules' semi-finals.

The Perth workmates are safe after earning a respectable score of 63 for their ultimate instant restaurant.

While they were disappointed they didn't reach the lofty heights of their previous instant restaurant, which set a new record score for the reality cooking show, Eva and Debra hit high notes in their first two courses.

Their Chinese braised beef ribs were a hit in the first course.

"I loved it," judge Manu Feildel said.

"I love the balance of sweetness and saltiness."

Their swap of prawns for scampi in their other entrée was a letdown for Pete Evans.

He was delighted in the main course though, with Debra's red duck curry.

"You girls make a mean curry," Evans said.

"Seriously it's phenomenal. That sauce is just spot-on. You could bottle that, make a fortune.

"You were so close to giving me a 10 out of 10."

Their score took a blow with the other main course, which featured undercooked barramundi.

"This is very traditional and I absolutely love the combination of flavours in this. It's zingy; it's chili; it's hot," Manu said.

"I couldn't fault it except the fish hasn't been steamed long enough. Half of my fish is undercooked. It's a shame."

Eva and Debra admitted they still had room for improvement in their desserts after serving up an icy Pandan ice cream and a dry Singaporean Sugee cake.

"My mother-in-law just left not long ago and I've got Sugee cake in the fridge," Manu said.

"I find yours a little bit too dry and a little bit overcooked. It's not bad, it's just not perfect."

Pommies Will and Steve will cook in Sydney tomorrow night.


Eva and Debra's menu

Entrée: Grilled scampi with Sambal beans

Entrée: Chinese braised beef ribs

Main: Red duck curry with lychees

Main: Steamed barramundi with chili, spring onion and ginger

Dessert: Singaporean Sugee cake with orange ice cream

Dessert: Pandan ice cream with coconut jelly and kaffir lime syrup

Score: 63

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