Elle slammed over controversial diet advice

SUPERMODEL Elle Macpherson has some tips for girls that are trying to work on their summer bodies, but not everyone is happy with what the 54-year-old model has to say.

In a recent interview with British talk show This Morning, Macpherson offered a few "summer body" pointers in a segment with the show's hosts, Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield.

"Summer's coming up, and I too am getting ready for my summer body," Macpherson said. "I know that sounds really corny, but we all think about that."


The model explained that for weight loss, she liked to drink protein infused shakes with fruits and vegetables, which she also revealed she sometimes drinks in replacement for a meal.

"Sometimes I'll use it as a meal replacement in the evenings," the model said. "If I've had a really strong breakfast or a strong lunch I can get away with having a protein shake for dinner."

Macpherson then clarified that drinking a shake for a meal replacement should only be done for a short period time and is mainly suggested for targeted weight loss.


"For a short period of time obviously, it's not for an extended period," she said. "But if it's leading up to summer and you want to drop a few pounds that's the way I do it and I find it really, really helpful."

But despite her weight-loss warning and declaring that meal skipping should be temporary, the model faced backlash from critics on social media who argued that the famous body icon shouldn't be advocating for women to skip meals.

One Twitter user wrote, "Why are @thismorning promoting 'beach body ready' with @ellemacphersontalking about how she sometimes replaces dinner with a protein shake? NO. The only way to be beach body ready is by putting on suncream and a swimsuit."

Another user called the segment baffling and said, "Why are @thismorning having #Ellemacpherson do a section on beach bodies? Her body & lifestyle are not relatable to any of their viewers?! #baffled."

The concept of solely losing weight wasn't the only issue some people had with the segment. One Twitter user asked why people she be influenced to change their bodies at all.

"SORRY, but maybe you should tell people that they don't need to change their body just because it's summer?! What a ridiculous section #ThisMorning," the user said.

Macpherson, who recently adopted a plant-based diet following her 50th birthday, according to People, has yet to respond to the critics.

This story originally appeared in Fox News and is republished here with permission.

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