Eating up new single status

Following a break-up, it is important to treat yourself well, reflect on your actions and spend time doing things you want to do.
Following a break-up, it is important to treat yourself well, reflect on your actions and spend time doing things you want to do. moodboard

IF YOU have a credit card, and you'd like to buy a woman dinner, give me a call. That's about my current level of commitment - food and company.

Yes, true confession, I recently split from my partner and am just rediscovering that place called singledom, with a reluctance to do more than put my toe in the dating water.

Relationship trends suggest that many of us will spend a large part of our life either out of a romantic relationship or in between them. So the best thing you can do about being single is learn to love it.

Sure, being single means getting strange looks when you dine alone at a five-star restaurant, being asked if there is someone else joining you on tour or holiday, having to put the rubbish bins out and paying the bills by yourself. But, on the plus side, it also offers total freedom.

Being single means going anywhere, any time you want (unless you're a single parent and then it means going anywhere you can when you can get a babysitter); never having to say sorry for eating the last of the chocolate or ice-cream; taking that ridiculous course you've always wanted to do - cheesemaking, astrology, or macrame and watching junk TV guiltlessly. It also allows for self-reflection, self-maintenance and self-indulgence.

In short, it puts the emphasis on self-love. If you're not crazy about yourself, being single might shine the spotlight on those bits of you that you'd like to improve. My suggestion - give yourself a break. So, you're not perfect, but you're pretty damn close. Remember, after a break-up it's important to treat yourself like a small child as you adjust to your new status. Eat what you want when you want, nap, take a swim, catch up with friends, try to laugh a lot even if you have to fake it until you make it. Not enough friends or not enough fun in your life? Do something, like leave the house and take that silly cheese course.

Oh, I like sushi, Thai, Chinese and Malaysian food, by the way, but I'm also good for a pub meal or dinner at your house. Call me.

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