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The young Aussies vying to take on $1 billion industry

eSports in Australia has well and truly advanced to the next level, with Samsung Australia treating local team, Legacy Esports, to a global development tour in Korea.

As a first for the tech-giant, the training experience saw some of Australia's best eAthletes face off against their 'League of Legends' counterparts and multi-champions, Gen.G.

During an immersion day spent inside the Seoul-based Headquarters, team members were granted insight into Gen.G's training programs, as well exclusive workshops alongside management and coaching staff.

"It was an incredible experience for our team to connect with such an iconic global powerhouse", said Head of Legacy Esports, Tim Wendel, "to see first-hand what the future of eSports could look like in Australia".

Building on its existing partnership, Samsung notes that connecting Legacy with one of the world's most influential and fast-growing eSports teams was essential in advancing their own performance.

"We all took away valuable insights and experiences that will help shape our program in 2019 and beyond", confirms Wendel.

Recognised as one of the Oceanic Region's most established eSports organisations, Legacy Esports has already enjoyed great success across six notable titles; Fortnite, Overwatch, StarCraft II and the hugely popular League of Legends.

With the Esports global revenue set to tip $1.1 billion in 2019, Matt Nelson, Head of Samsung Australia's Memory and Storage, labels it an "incredibly exciting and dynamic area of competitive sports that's growing exponentially both in Australia and globally".

As the industry's popularity continues to boom, Samsung has certainly made its support known; supplying their renowned NVMe SSDs and Curved Gaming Monitors to ensure the best in high-performance gaming technology.

"As a brand, we are constantly exploring ways to enhance the lives of our customers through amazing products and experiences".

While a learning curve for attendees, the tour proved just as eye-opening for the company, with Nelson admitting it "broke new ground in how Samsung plans to support Legacy Esports, as well as the wider gaming community in Australia through the sharing experience".

For more information on Legacy Esport's upcoming competitions be sure to visit their website.

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