Lockyer Valley-based snake catcher Andrew Smedley coaxes a snake out of a bathtub.
Lockyer Valley-based snake catcher Andrew Smedley coaxes a snake out of a bathtub. Contributed

Eastern brown snake found in bathtub

IT'S THE last place you'd ever imagine to find a snake.

But Andrew Smedley of Andrew's Snake Removal based in the Lockyer Valley, Somerset and the surrounding areas, was called to a house in Forest Hill near Gatton this week where an eastern brown snake was found in a bath tub.

Mr Smedley shared a video to his Facebook page on Wednesday showing him trying to coax the snake out of the tub.


"Received a call around lunch time, the lady had seen a snake in her bathroom so shut the door and put down a towel," he wrote.

"When we first got there we couldn't see the snake anywhere so through it might have got out.

"We had to leave and take another call but the lady rang back and said it was in the bath tucked up under the seal.

"After a bit of coaxing, he came out and, couldn't believe it, jumped straight into the bag. But slipped back out again so eventually caught it."

Mr Smedley told his followers it could have turned into a very dangerous situation had it gone unnoticed.

Mr Smedley told The Chronicle he'd found snakes in some strange places, but never in a bathtub like this before. 

"They're (the snakes) coming inside because they're trying to get away from the heat," he said. 

He encouraged people who found snakes inside their houses or properties to try their best to keep an eye on the animals when calling snake catchers. 

"It makes my job easier if we know where it is. If you take your eyes off it for even just a second, that's all it takes for it to disappear." 

If you need a snake catcher, call Mr Smedley on 0421 237 553. 

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