A Queensland man is due to be sentenced in March over a range of offences. Photo: John Gass
A Queensland man is due to be sentenced in March over a range of offences. Photo: John Gass

Drug dealer used his grandma’s number plates on stolen car

A Gold Coast man found guilty of drug supply offences, who used his grandma's number plates on a stolen car, is awaiting his sentence.

Police stated in court documents Zac Amey, 29, from Willow Vale, had an "extensive criminal

and traffic history in both Queensland and NSW" and battled "drug dependency".

Police approached Amey after they saw him inside a bakery on Kennedy Drive in Tweed Heads about 5am on August 2, 2019.

When spoken to, Amey admitted he had cannabis but when police frisked him they located a "large ball of crystal substance around his groin area".

Police also found another small amount of meth and some MDMA in his car, along with empty zip lock bags and $1590 cash.

Police have claimed in court documents the street value of the methylamphetamine would be between $8000 and $22,000 while the MDMA would have fetched $500 to $800.

For this matter, Amey has pleaded guilty to deemed supply of 56.8g of methylamphetamine and 4.18g MDMA, possession of cannabis and methylamphetamine, and dealing with the proceeds of crime.

Amey, who has previously lived in Pimpama, was also arrested after plain clothes police were patrolling on Barrett St in Tweed Heads West in an unmarked sedan when they spotted Amey in a black Subaru - which had been reported stolen in Queensland - on August 5 last year.

At this time, Amey was subject to an arrest warrant after failed to front court the previous month.

He had four Visa cards belonging to other people in his possession and he was using his grandmother's expired number plates on the stolen car.

From this instance, he was charged with drug possession, having goods in custody suspected of being stolen, carrying a knife upon apprehension, receiving property stolen outside NSW, altering a driver's licence to deceive and driving while his licence was cancelled.

Amey had earlier planned to defend some of the charged against him but when the case went before Tweed Heads Local Court on Tuesday, his solicitor Tom Ivey lodged guilty pleas on his behalf.

Some other related allegations were withdrawn and dismissed.

Magistrate Geoff Dunlevy ordered a sentencing assessment report to be prepared.
Amey is expected to be sentenced on March 22.

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