Garbage truck at Ballina Tip. Photo Jacklyn Wagner / The Northern Star
Garbage truck at Ballina Tip. Photo Jacklyn Wagner / The Northern Star

Do’s and dont’s on what to take to the tip

IF YOU have cleared out the garage and want to get rid of discarded items, that is not considered essential waste, so please hang onto it for now, according to the Ballina Waste Management Centre at Ballina Shire Council.

Lloyd Isaacson, Manager Resource Recovery at council said it’s best for now to hold to those unwanted items.

“If waste or recycling material can’t be stored in a safe manner at your home, and it has the potential to create a hazard to health, safety, create odour and attract vermin, also any waste generated from business/commercial activity (is not considered essential).”

Ms Isaacson said the Waste Management Centre continues to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“However, we want to reduce the risk of exposure to the community and also our dedicated staff who continue to work at the tip and collect your bins every week,” he said.

“That exposure may be in the form of person to person and potential for the virus to be present on the surface of certain waste materials.”

“We have seen a significant increase in the number of visitors to the Waste Management Centre since people have been forced to stay at home due to social distancing restrictions. “While we have implemented operational measures to minimise the COVID-19 related risks, the best form of risk management is to eliminate any chance of transmission, which is why we are asking the community to put off any non-essential trips to the tip until after the pandemic,” he explained.

The Manager of Resource Recovery offered a tip to safely storing items that residents may want to get rid of:

“If you can safely store the material in boxes, in the corner of the garage or other suitable area in your home, that is preferable,” he said.

“Use your green organics bins to dispose of food and garden waste, and if you have been spending time in the garden and have a large load, try depositing it in your green bin over a few weeks.

“Please don’t over fill your bin – ensure the lid is closed to prevent potential spread of weeds, vermin issues or spillage into our beautiful environment.”

From Monday, the Waste Management Centre will be accepting card transactions only.

To ensure social distancing measures are enforced, you may need to wait a little longer and we appreciate your patience to ensure everyone’s safety.

The Waste Management Centre opening hours remain the same.

For more information about Council’s Waste Management Centre, visit

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