AUSTRALIANS' right to freedom of speech has been called into question with a commercial printer's refusal to print a book written by Toowoomba family doctor David van Gend on the same-sex marriage debate.

President of the Australian Marriage Forum, Dr van Gend's book "Stealing From A Child - the injustice of 'marriage equality'" claims "to lay bare the subversive 'genderless agenda' that comes with genderless 'marriage'."

Dr van Gend said in an unprecedented move the publisher Connor Court was told by the printing firm Opus Group that they were refusing to print the book "due to the subject matter and content".

"This was a shock, because you don't expect a printing firm to act as a political censor for the gay lobby," Dr van Gend said.

"It is also a shock because it comes just days after the Mercure International Hotel in Sydney cancelled the venue for our big gathering of groups opposing same-sex 'marriage', after gay activists threatened hotel staff if they let us meet there.

"We had to find a different venue in Sydney at short notice, and we will have had to find a different printer at short notice - but we will not be silenced.

Dr David van Gend with his book Stealing From A Child.
Dr David van Gend with his book Stealing From A Child. Nev Madsen

"We have used a temporary digital printer to cover the 3000 early orders and we will not run out.

"We do not question the right of a company to refuse to print our book on idealogical grounds but it does have a chilling effect on what should be an open public debate."

Dr van Gend defied anyone to find a single word in the book that should not be printed.

"I can understand the gay lobby being worried about a book that so clearly exposes the harms of genderless 'marriage' and of the whole genderless package deal that comes with it, but they should not try to shut down our side of the debate by banning a book," he said.

"I can only say to people, read the book and try to find anything that could justify this printing company acting as a branch of the 'Thought Police'."

"Only today a Member of Parliament messaged me and said, 'I couldn't put the book down. It's a clarion call to the complacent - a wonderfully kind but persuasive read'," he told The Chronicle.

Dr van Gend explained the title of the book by saying "Injustice against the child is the central offence of so-called 'marriage equality'.

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"We are guilty of stealing a child's birthright when we institute motherless families and fatherless homes as an ideal in our law," he said.

"We break their bonds of kinship and identity, and that causes many proven harms, which I sum up in the book.

"We are also guilty of stealing childhood itself with genderless sex-education programs like "Safe Schools" that will become universal under a regime of genderless 'marriage'.

"At present, parents can push back against this indecent and disturbing material, but once homosexual/bisexual/transsexual 'marriage' is the law of the land, parents will have no grounds to push back. If we vote for genderless 'marriage' we get Safe Schools on steroids.

We also "steal from a child" by stripping away her whole moral community by silencing her priests and pastors with the big stick of anti-discrimination law; by harassing her parents or teachers or any other adults who stand up for the truth about marriage and sexual right and wrong.

"That is what a law for same-sex 'marriage' has done overseas and would do here."

The book was launched in Brisbane on Friday and he said despite threats of disruption and violence there were 40 protesters at the gate but no disruption to the meeting which included 150 people. More than 300 books were sold.

Dr van Gend leaves Toowoomba this week for book launches in every capital city ending in Canberra on October 10, the day the plebiscite bill is due to be debated in parliament.

"A number of politicians will be opening the state launches and the Canberra launch will be opened by one of the gay men in my book who opposes gay marriage," Dr van Gend said.

The book is available from today from Connor Court Publishing or Amazon.

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