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Elle's new boyfriend has troubled past with child medicine

SHE has finalised her divorce with a settlement worth nearly $80 million … and now Elle Macpherson has a new man in her life.

But he has quite the reputation.

The Australian supermodel, 54, has been photographed looking cosy with discredited British doctor and anti-vaxx campaigner Andrew Wakefield, 61.

The couple were photographed flaunting some serious PDA at a market in Miami, where Macpherson is based.

"The Body" has recently finalised her divorce from ex-husband, billionaire Jeffrey Soffer, with a $53 million cash settlement and a $26 million property, according to the Daily Mail.

But her Texas-born British-raised new suitor - who was banned from practising medicine in 2010 - is raising eyebrows.

Wakefield is a key player in the controversial anti-vaxxer movement, and was found to have falsely linked measles, mumps and rubella vaccines to autism, Daily Mail reports.

After he published a controversial paper in 1998, vaccination levels dropped dramatically in the UK (from about 90 per cent to 70 per cent). His theories were discredited in 2004, after they were found to be based on "false evidence".

While he cannot practice medicine in the UK, Wakefield - who has publicly supported President Donald Trump - now promotes his heavily criticised anti-vaccination views across the US.

Macpherson's choice of suitor seems to contradict her famously super-healthy lifestyle, which includes following a vegan alkaline diet.

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