Karime Baylis, 19, of Ballina had new DJ equipment stolen and is devastated by the loss after preparing to gig around the area.
Karime Baylis, 19, of Ballina had new DJ equipment stolen and is devastated by the loss after preparing to gig around the area. Marc Stapelberg

$6800 donation revives robbed DJ's dreams

DISABLED DJ Karime Baylis has been gifted music equipment worth thousands of dollars by Pioneer Electronics Australia, after the company heard the aspiring professional musician was robbed.

A number of DJs contacted Pioneer after reading burglars had struck Mr Baylis' Ballina home music studio January 22, stealing the turntables his mother gave him for Christmas.

The equipment was sourced especially for the 19-year-old to help him launch a professional dance music career while studying music production and managing Cerebral Palsy, with severe deafness.

After an emotional call to mother Meredith Baylis, Pioneer stressed the donation of a mixer and other equipment valued at $6,897 was not promotion for the well-established brand.

Friday morning Pioneer General manager Paul Petrakis said the company hoped the donation would get DJ Tympan!c back on his feet.

"So many DJs have reached asking if we can help," he said.

"We were in Melbourne, working on budgeting and things like that, basically locked up.

"We got emails, we got voice mails, we got bombarded in regards to this thing.

"We had a look at it and I think something touched us.

"Especially when it's DJs who don't even know Karime saying 'this is the tools of his trade, his passion and what he lives for'.

DJ equipment that was stolen.
DJ equipment that was stolen. Contributed

"It was just a sad situation for someone already facing so many challenges.

"It lead us to a decision to donate the equipment - it's not often we get the chance to change someone's life.

"It will put a smile on lot of people's faces knowing Karime isn't left without product anymore."

Mr Baylis said the donation, as well as a groundswell of support online, was wonderful.

"This means everything to me, music is my life, I couldn't live without it," he said.

"For Pioneer to give us that equipment back to us has been very humbling and made our hearts swell.

"I'm absolutely over the moon, I'm actually I'm still shock from all the news."

Ms Baylis said she cried when she received the offer from Pioneer.

"They're the best, that's why we tried to save for it, because Karime likes quality gear, because he knows it's going to last," she said.

The property will be protected with professional security and insurance.

Residents with information should call Ballina Police Station on 02 6681 8699 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.


EARLIER: A MOTHER has made a desperate plea for help after a set of DJ music turntables she gave her disabled teenage son for Christmas were stolen.

Karime, 19, was gifted the decks worth almost $10,000 by his mother, Meredith Baylis, so he could pursue his passion and talents in electronic music production.

Ms Baylis, also Community Disability Information Alliance founder, said the Pioneer brand gear was bought after years of saving and research into equipment best for her son.


"Karime has one functional arm, severe Cerebral Palsy and partial deafness," Ms Baylis said.

"He has many other challenges including mental health issues.

"I'm very resourceful, and I have the ability to be a strong advocate for my son, so I've had to be creative about how to get his needs met.

"This is the one thing he can do and one thing that he loves.

"Music is what helps him get through the tough times."

Aspiring DJ Karime Baylis. By CN2480 Photography.
Aspiring DJ Karime Baylis. By CN2480 Photography. Contributed

Mr Baylis was recently awarded an SAE Institute scholarship to study an electronic music production diploma starting February 6.

The teen was with his mother were at the Byron Bay campus on Friday January 27, enrolling into his timetable, when thieves struck their East Ballina home.

Entering the property by climbing over a back fence, burglars broke into Karime's home studio some time between 11am and 2.30pm through a window almost one floor up.

Ballina police were notified after the robbery.

"The thieves were watching us; they knew when to come, they knew exactly what they were taking," Ms Baylis said.

"It was all very calculated and very frightening, we feel completely violated and we don't feel safe in our home any more.

"I'm completely heartbroken."


Aspiring DJ Karime Baylis.
Aspiring DJ Karime Baylis. Contributed

The theft was not only a personal shock but also a professional blow.

DJ Tympan!c volunteered at Central Highlands Multicultural Festival, TAFE Colour Me Day, Youth Week and Mental Health Week and hoped he could pursue paid work.

"I feel devastated and betrayed," Mr Baylis said.

"I only had my new gear for four weeks and now I have to cancel shows that I had booked.

"My life has changed now, all because of some greedy pathetic thieves."

But with no fingerprints left at the crime scene, only the public can help.

"Surely a friend would know if another friend had suddenly acquired a very rare and expensive piece of equipment," Ms Baylis said.

"We are trying to stay positive and hopeful, so he can progress in his chosen career."

Residents with information should call Ballina Police Station on 02 6681 8699 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

DJ Tympan!c dance music, including base, house, dub step, and can be found at SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/ tympanic_official /tracks.

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Got an email, got bbombarded in regards to this thing

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