Derryn Hinch launches his Justice Party
Derryn Hinch launches his Justice Party

Would this be too much even for Derryn Hinch?

IF ELECTED to the Senate on July 2 Derryn Hinch says he'll use his position to name child sex offenders - without facing prosecution.  

The veteran journalist, who once served five months under house arrest for naming a recidivist pedophile, said he had looked into the issue and Parliamentary Privilege would enable him to name child sex offenders - in order to protect kids. 

"I wouldn't be a cowboy about it and I would only name convicted sex offenders," Mr Hinch said. 

"I've done my time in the past - I've done five months house arrest - for naming an absolute recidivist sex offender.

"But I wouldn't be a kangaroo court - I would only name people who had been convicted."

Mr Hinch added that what he really wanted to see was every state and territory in Australia establish a public child sex offender register - an issue which is also close to the hearts of Sunshine Coast couple Bruce and Denise Morecombe. 

The Morecombe's son Daniel was murdered by serial child sex offender Brett Peter Cowan in 2003 and since then the couple have become relentless campaigners for child safety. 


Daniel Morcombe.
Daniel Morcombe.


"We had 160,000 signatures on a petition for a child sex offender register," Mr Hinch said. 

"And of course the Northern Territory passed one and I had Bruce and Denise on the phone saying finally they've done it - but then of course they (the NT Government) reneged."

In most Australian states and territories there is a child sex offender register however it is not public and can only be viewed by police.

"I've had senior police officers say to me the register is a joke," Mr Hinch said. 

"And of course because there's thousands of names on it - the police don't go around and monitor them all - they're just left to self report."

Mr Hinch is running as a Senate candidate for the Justice Party and despite being widely tipped to win a seat when Australia goes to the polls in ten days time the 'human headline' was cautious about overstating his chances. 

"I still need three whole MCG's full of people to vote for me, so I'm not that confident, not at all," he said. 

The Justice Party is also fielding two Queensland candidates - Deb Cotter and Karen Hanbidge - and in New South Wales Ken Stevens and Adam Washbourne will appear on the ticket.  

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