THE MAN accused of killing Daniel Morcombe described himself as an "opportunistic offender" but denied he intended to "knock" him.

But Brett Peter Cowan, now 44, then  told undercover police on August 10, 2011, how he was worried about Daniel remembering his licence plate number and the type of car if he had released him.

Mr Cowan was sitting in the passenger seat of a car he believed belonged to a far-reaching crime gang he was desperate to be a part of.

Driving along the Nambour Connection Road, he pointed out the spot "here somewhere I spotted him".

"Now they the coppers are saying I had my four-wheel-drive parked there.

"But I didn't, my car was never stopped there.

"He was standing like close to the road … looking for the bus, the bus had broken down. It was late.

"He was a f***ing cute little…

"There was all big, all trees there so nobody could have spotted my four wheel drive.

"They were pines or something.

"So I parked and I walked through here and I sat back up against the wall, he was still close to the road and then the bus drove past and didn't stop.

"So I've gone and said 'oh f*** I was expecting somebody to get off that bus. I'm going into town to see, pick em up from town, do you want a lift?'.

"And he's gone 'yes please' and f***in' walked back to the car, jumped in and f***in' that was it, there was no struggle, no fuckin screamin' and shoutin', nothing. He willingly got into my car.

"Came and got in the car and we left.

"Front seat.

"(Police) did all the forensics on it, they fingerprinted it, they f***in' vacuumed it, everything. So if there was anything in the car I wouldn't be sitting here with youse now."

Mr Cowan told police Daniel was wearing a red shirt, blue pants, shoes and socks which was "what's in his picture more or less".

He said Daniel was not carrying anything but told him he was heading to the Sunshine Plaza to get a haircut.

"So I told him I'd give him a lift but I had no intention of talking him to the shopping centre," he said.

"I really don't know what I was thinking.

"I'm an opportunistic offender."

Suddenly Mr Cowan told his mates he was feeling really uncomfortable being in the church above the abduction site and asked to leave.

"Can we move from here, I just don't want to sit here for too long," he said.

"I don't know whether my … cos my auntie and uncle were head pastors at this church.

"The Christian Outreach Centre is where I met my wife, going to church."

Back in the car, heading towards the Kings Road site where Daniel's remains were found, Mr Cowan said he did not talk much with Daniel in the car because there was too much going on in his head.

"Where I'm goin', what am I doin?" he said he was thinking.

"I just said 'I've just gotta duck home quickly and just let me missus know what was goin' on'.

"And that's why we were going down the hill and not straight ahead.

"He didn't ask me where I was going.

"I had no intention of going anywhere near my wife.

"So he didn't ask why we weren't going straight ahead to the Sunshine Plaza.

"He was 'all right, no worries'.

"I don't know exactly what he said but he was he was all right with it.

"The bus drove past and the next bus, you know in his mind, wasn't coming for over an hour.

"(In the end) it was only five minutes.

"The front one was told not to pick up any more passengers just to go straight to the plaza and the next bus would pick up all the passengers."

Mr Cowan showed some confusion about which road would get them to 510 Kings Road at Glasshouse Mountains where he said Daniel died.

But he quickly directed officers down the right road.

"It's either down this one or down that one. I just can't think," he said.

"I haven't been down here since.

"No, so we've gotta go back to the other one.

"This is private property. Here the house used to be right here. Sorry no they're down a bit further.

"That's where it happened. That's where he, I thought he was going to run and my arm went around his neck and I choked him out.

"I actually felt that break in there. That bone that's in there, I felt that snap in me arm when I pushed it in. Behind the Adam's apple.

"When I started pulling his pants down he went 'oh no'.

"I actually went in to the house while he sat in the car.

"And then I said 'oh me missus said come in and get a drink'. You know to make it look good I went in and then came back out."

Mr Cowan said he put Daniel's body in the back of his Pajero, drove it down near a mound of dirt and carried him to a cliff where he threw him over.

With birds chirping in the background and leaves crunching under foot, Mr Cowan can be heard saying "I dropped him down there.

"I got down there myself and I dragged him over. Like it'd be covered by water by the looks of it cause that water wasn't there.

"I more or less dragged him. There wasn't his much undergrowth and sh**.

"He was not really, he wasn't an overly big fella.

"I didn't bury him. I just put him under branches and sh**. I've come back seven to 10 days later and found nothing.

Just one little bit of bone. I had my shovel with me and everything.

"It'd be underwater where I did it. Oh because of all the rain.

"It would have been over this side, be here. I haven't been back here.

"There was no bones, no teeth nothing there was just what I thought was a bit of skull

"Then I crushed it was the shovel and f***in' shovelled into the ground."

Mr Cowan said he climbed back out of the sand mine and used a palm tree fond or pine tree branch to "scrub out" his tyre marks.

"I had to black out me tyre marks, f***in' got rid of everything through here," he said.

Mr Cowan, who had earlier told the covert officers he was worried about how he would feel mentally and spiritually returning to the scene of the crime, again told police he was not comfortable being there.

"Yeah I'm nervous I don't really want to be here," he said.

Mr Cowan took police to a creek where he said he took the clothes he stripped off Daniel but realised he was at the wrong place.

He took them to another spot where he said he just threw them out the window.

"Yeah it was this bridge I threw it in cause this is Coochin Creek proper, this one," he said.

"That creek back there is just a little tributary that flows into Coochin Creek.

"There's a place to stop on the other side of this. This is where I would have stopped here.

"None of those trees and logs and all that sort of sh** were there.

"It floated and then as it was floatin' away it was sinkin'.

"It's said every year that it rains really hard that bridge goes underwater.

"There was no logs or anything across there. It was just water.

"Just f***en' threw it out, how it would have landed like down to there.

"Young fella died here over 10 years ago.

"Ended up dead, f***ng car overturned up on its roof, couldn't get out and drowned.

"They reckon you can drown in a f***in (puddle)."

When asked about the fobwatch, which "big boss" Arnold had questioned Mr Cowan about, he again told the other officers he had no idea what they were talking about.

"Well if it fell out in me car they would have found it," he said.

"I didn't check his pockets, nothing.

"I felt a wallet (when I was taking his clothes off) but you know as I say I wasn't interest in stealing money.

"I didn't f***in check his wallet, pockets or nothing. I just wanted to get out of here after I … I had no in intention of knocking him at all, I just wanted to have some fun with him.

"Then I was gonna take him back to the f***in shopping centre and drop him off. But when he, not struggled but f***in' I thought he was gonna run and rah rah rah and yeah grabbed him back in the house and choked him out.

"Even if my DNA was … found in it, I've had my man fun in there.

"When he went 'oh no' and pulled his pants back up and tried to get away that's when I went (noise) and we both went in to the ground and just pulled me arm in tight and heard a 'ch' (makes a noise).

"No screamin, no nothing.

"I probably would have been caught in the end if … I let him go.

"He could have got me f***kin' licence plate … what type of car it was.

"I had no intention of doing that whatsoever made (knock him)."


"That's the Big Pineapple, that's where I abducted Daniel"

THAT used to be a big tourist attraction. That's where I got married. That's where I abducted Daniel Morcombe.

A secret recording as Brett Peter Cowan drove his new friends, who were actually Western Australian police, around the Sunshine Coast sounded like he was taking them on a tour.

"This (road) takes us to Nam-boring, like Nambour," he said.

"Namb-bouring. It's like Perth, you know, after 7-8 o'clock at night.

"It's dead just a ghost town.

"That's the big pineapple over there on our right.

"I used to be a f***in' real big tourist attraction.

"F***in' animal farm, cane train ride, the f***in lot.

"But, um, ever since they put the highway through, this part of the f***ing coast has died.

"That used to be a big f***in' enclosed area with frogs and f***ng like rainforest habitat and that.

"That's the church I was married in That's where I parked my car, picked him up.

"Waterslide on the side there. You know the things you get broken bones on.

"Speed camera up there. There's been fatal accidents in this intersection here.

"I was coming down here with a f***ing trailer on the back (near Nambour KFC), didn't hitch it properly on the back of me tow truck.

"F***in' four wheel drive on the back, c*** came off here.

"Well it came off - hit one of these trees.

"The spare wheel went f***in shootin' down through the fence, couldn't find it and there's houses just down there.

"I didn't realise it had gone until  I came down here.

"I didn't even look in me rear side view mirror when I came round here.

"Just went around the corner and it wasn't till I got down and to the roundabout and I'm going around the roundabout and it's just like ah where's f***in' trailer."

Daniel Morcombe's body put in back of Pajero then dumped

THE man accused of murdering Daniel Morcombe was scared police could track his mobile phone when he arrived back in Queensland.

Brett Peter Cowan had told his new friend Paul Fitzsimmons, a Western Australian covert officer, that he was worried how he would react "mentally" and "spiritually" to returning to the scene where he confessed he killed Daniel.

But his first concern after touching down in Brisbane was that Queensland police could track his movements.

"I'm gonna actually take my battery outta my phone," he said in a recording played to Brisbane Supreme Court.

"The police have got my phone number … they can suss out through towers and all that sort of sh**."

Mr Fitzsimmons said he could guarantee police did not have the phone he had now because the gang had given it to him.

"Yeah, I know, like the WA coppers have it," he said.

"By accident they rang me back yesterday."

Mr Fitzsimmons asked why he would give that number out.

"It's the only one I had," Mr Cowan said.

"I've got that $10 one at home. I'll f***in' recharge that up when I get home and set that one up."

Mr Fitzsimmons told him he needed to "deal with sh** man".

"Get it done today, get the f***in monkey off your back anyway," he said.

In a recording played on Thursday, Mr Cowan similarly told Mr Fitzsimmons about his fears and suspicions about the man he met on the plane from Brisbane to Perth.

"At first I was suss on Joe," he said.

"I thought he was a reporter. Put on the plane to talk to me."

Mr Fitzsimmons  had said "no f***in way mate".

"Ah well I worked that out pretty quick," Mr Cowan said.

Joseph Emery was a Queensland undercover cop put on the plane to befriend Mr Cowan, gain his trust and bring him into the fake gang made up of other undercover police officers.

Cowan tells undercover cop of where he dumped Daniel: court

AN UNDERCOVER police officer has described the day accused man Brett Peter Cowan took him "where he told us he had murdered Daniel".

Paul Fitzsimmons, an assumed name, told Brisbane Supreme Court that he booked an early flight from Perth to Brisbane on August 10, 2011.

"This time next week mate it will all be in ya past and we will never f***in talk about it ever again," he had told Mr Cowan the night before.

Mr Cowan had confessed his involvement in Daniel Morcombe's murder on August 9 when he met a man named Arnold, who he believed was the "big boss" of an Australia-wide crime gang.

Arnold told him he would have to travel to Queensland the next day with Mr Fitzsimmons and another member of the phony gang, Ian, who would assess whether any "clean up" needed to happen to clear him.

Mr Cowan believed he would be dropped from the gang and would not get the $100,000 windfall from a "big job" on the horizon if he was not honest with Arnold about his involvement in Daniel's disappearance.

Mr Fitzsimmons told the court Mr Cowan directed them from Brisbane airport to his former house at Beerwah, showed him the house of his drug dealer he claimed was his alibi and then took them to the place in Nambour where he picked up a mulcher the day Daniel went missing.

He said Mr Cowan showed them where Daniel went missing and the church car park above where he had parked that day.

Mr Fitzsimmons said Mr Cowan then took them to a macadamia plantation at 510 Kings Road where he took Daniel.

He said Mr Cowan told them it had changed a bit and he showed them where there once was a demountable house.

Mr Fitzsimmons said Mr Cowan told them that was where he told Daniel his wife had offered him a drink of water and invited him inside.

"Then he's got Daniel inside the house," he said.

Mr Fitzsimmons said Mr Cowan also showed them an "enclosed bush area" which had a clearing  "surrounding by bush".

"Mr Cowan told us that he killed Daniel inside the house, carried him out, put him in the back of his Pajero and drove about 200m down to that clearing, a clearing that he knew, he parked his car," he said.

"He was aware there was a sand mind in that location and that's where he showed us he put Daniel's body.

"We walked down and he showed us where he put Daniel … stripped the clothes off Daniel."

Mr Fitzsimmons said they then drove to a bridge where Mr Cowan threw the clothes.

He said Mr Cowan initially pointed out a small bridge over a small creek on Kings Road but he "quickly realised" that was the wrong spot.

Mr Fitzsimmons then took police to Woods Road and pointed out another creek where he threw Daniel's clothes out of the car.

The jury is now listening to a secret recording made during that drive from Brisbane to the Sunshine Coast.

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