Denise and Bruce Morcombe.
Denise and Bruce Morcombe. Rae Wilson

Judge warns against lying

THE state coroner has warned a person of interest in the Daniel Morcombe case that he risks being charged with perjury if he lies under oath today.

P33 has alleged he and his adoptive father P32 abducted, sodomised and killed Daniel Morcombe in December, 2003.

He claimed he was "10 feet" away when Daniel was killed.

Coroner Michael Barnes said as well as the potential to be charged over his confession about Daniel's abduction and death, he risked jail for lying.

"You also risk being charged with perjury if your information is false," he said.

Mr Barnes said a perjury conviction would likely result in a term of imprisonment and would likely be cumulative on top of his current jail sentence.

"If police can prove ... Your story is false and you recite them under oath, you could be charged with perjury."

P33 is serving a 10-year sentence for maintaining a sexual relationship with his young daughter and possessing large amounts of child porn.

He told the court P32 was driving a white van and P33 was in a blue car when they drove to Browns Plains, Sunnybank and then the Sunshine Coast cruising to kidnap a young boy.

He said he thought it was a joke and followed him around for a laugh.

P33 said he had a sexual relationship with P32 but P32 was making derogatory comments about P33 getting too old and wanting younger boys.

Their relationship began when P33 was just 15.

P33 said he did not realise P32 was serious until he saw Daniel on the side of the road.

But he said he hoped if P32 got Daniel, he would finally leave him alone.

His testimony continues.

Morcombes sickened by stories

A PIECE of toast is sometimes all Denise Morcombe can muster for dinner when she has to listen to the "scum of the earth" spinning stories about her missing boy.

Yesterday was day 12 of a coronial inquest into the suspected abduction and murder of her 13-year-old son Daniel who was last seen on the Nambour Connection Road waiting for a bus on December 7, 2003.

After a tough afternoon listening to words so crude most of us would whisper them, parents Bruce and Denise went back to their hotel in Brisbane.

In what is becoming routine, they flick between the nightly news channels, much like they read the newspapers and cruise the online stories in the morning.

"This week we haven't really left the hotel room," Mrs Morcombe said.

"It's just so draining, listening to it all.

"We've hardly slept this week, for months really. I even threw up yesterday."

As a newcomer to the courts and the crime underworld, Mrs Morcombe said seeing and hearing from the persons of interest (POIs) was sickening.

"They're just disgusting. It's like we've attracted every lowest piece of scum on the earth," she said.

"If they're going to make up stories, why do they have to involve other people and family members and poor Daniel?

"Why do they do it?"

Mr Morcombe said the court experience was all the more draining "since we have to maintain our composure each day in court".

He said the POIs in his son's case were "disgusting and bizarre".

"You would think people would want to distance themselves from such a horrible crime," he said.

"Whether or not it's for notoriety or to be king of the pen in the paedophile ring, nobody knows. I'm happy to flush some of these people out and probably scare some of the other people lurking in the shadows."

Today the coroner will hear from a man expected to confess his involvement in Daniel's death but a detective told the court yesterday the man had falsely concocted the story for revenge.

Detective Virginia Gray told the court P33 had gradually expanded his story, which implicated his adoptive father and long-time lover P32, to include himself.

She said P33 tried to validate his story through a letter to the coroner providing fresh details about identifying scars on Daniel's body, items he had carried and a dumping site.

But Det Gray said the first two were incorrect and Daniel's body was never found at the dumping site.

"His admissions don't hold any credibility," she said.

P32, aged 60, took the stand and denied any involvement in Daniel's abduction.

P32 has a conviction for soliciting a child in a toilet in 1980 and was aged 50 when he began a sexual relationship with P33, aged 15.

When asked if he was attracted to teenage boys, P32 said: "Not really".

"I like men. Teenage boys are always silly," he said.

He denied P33's allegations they abducted Danielfrom Woombye.

"It's a pack of lies," he said.

"What P33 said was mainly to get even with me and there's not a lot of truth to it."


P33 expected to make false confession about abducting, raping and dumping Daniel Morcombe.

Morcombe family lawyer Peter Boyce expected to make submissions about calling associates of P1 and P2 to confirm some of their stories and dates.

Date could be set for the next inquest sittings, involving P5 and P7, which are expected to take place in mid-March.

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