MasterChef Australia Top 4 contestant Dani Venn.
MasterChef Australia Top 4 contestant Dani Venn.

Dani aims too high in autobiography

DANI Venn’s overly ambitious food autobiography told the story of her mistakes rather than her strengths.

The 25-year-old Melbourne publicist’s three dishes fell apart in the home stretch of last night's marathon three-hour challenge.

Tyring to do too much in the allotted time has been a common pitfall for Venn throughout the series and it finally sent her packing.

“I was trying to say way too much,” she said.

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“I don’t think I learned my lesson to be restrained.

“Everything was going pretty good for me until the last 45 minutes when it all got a bit out of control. I left myself about a minute to plate up three dishes. It was a complete and utter nightmare.”

At the end of the challenge Venn quickly resigned herself to her fate.

“I looked around and saw all of the others’ dishes and they looked beautiful. I knew my time was up, but at the same time I wasn’t that upset. I’d made it to finals week and the Top 4, which is pretty big achievement in my book.”

Venn coped much better with the separation from her partner Chris than fellow contestant Mat Beyer, who listed his girlfriend as one of the reasons he smuggled a smart phone into the competition.

“It was a really long time, but we’ve had a long distance relationship before so we knew we could get through it,’ she said.

“He was so supportive and wanted me to stay there and stick through it.”

Venn tips Michael Weldon as the man to beat in Sunday’s grand finale.

“Michael is on a roll. He’s been cooking so well,” she said.

“I think he’s got a very good chance of winning.

“Both Kate (Bracks) and Alana (Lowes) are also fantastic. Alana has been so consistent throughout the whole series and Kate has been getting stronger and stronger. Her food in the last few weeks has been out of this world. It’s going to be a tough final.”

Back home in Melbourn, Venn has been working on her new website and is hoping to set up work experience with Luke Nguyen.

“I’ve also been putting my ideas and a business plan on paper for my Asian grocery,” she said.

“I want to start on all the different ideas I’ve been thinking about over the past few months. I’m open to everything.”

But first she will reunite with the Top 24 contestants this weekend for the show’s grand finale.

“I’m looking forward to seeing Cleo (Kerameas) and Kumar (Pereira) and Peter (Vickery) and Danielle (Dixon) and have a beverage together and look back at the past few months,” she said.

Tonight, Weldon, Bracks and Lowes have the privilege of cooking a lunch service at one of Sydney’s three finest restaurants – Marque, Est and Quay.

Each of these establishments have been awarded three hats this year, so the pressure is on for the contestants to cook to the highest standards.

The challenge winner will earn a spot in the grand finale.

MasterChef Australia airs today through Friday at 7.30pm. The grand final airs Sunday at 6.30pm.

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