Customer not McHappy after request to park car turns ugly

A MAN keen to get his hands on an early morning Macca's feed found himself on the wrong side of the law after venting his anger on restaurant staff.

The hungry customer pulled up in the drive-thru at the Hunter St McDonald's restaurant in Brassall around 8.30am yesterday.

The man made his order and as he waited to pay, staff asked him to park his car to the side of the drive-thru because the meal was not ready.

After hearing the news that he would have a short wait for his breakfast, the motorist flipped out, delivering a volley of abuse to a staff member.

The tirade of abuse did not end there.

The man pulled over his car and entered the fast food outlet to confront the restaurant's counter staff.

He continued to take up his grievances until staff called for police help.

Police arrived at the store shortly after, but the angry man had left.

Staff recorded the car's number plate and reported it to police.

However, there was no sign of the man at the address of the registered vehicle.

A police spokesperson said investigations into the incident are continuing.

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