FUNDRAISING: Katrina Sinclair will take part in Cupid’s Undie Run in February to raise money for NF.
FUNDRAISING: Katrina Sinclair will take part in Cupid’s Undie Run in February to raise money for NF. Allan Reinikka Rokaundies

Cupid’s undies are worn for a good cause

KATRINA Sinclair is stripping down to her red undies... but it's all for a good cause.

Katrina will join hundreds of people for Cupid's Undie Run on the Gold Coast next year, raising money for neurofibromatosis (NF).

The 43-year-old knows all too well the reality of NF, which she has lived with her whole life.

"NF can be a devastating condition. It's a genetic condition of the nervous system which causes tumours to form on the nerves anywhere in the body," Katrina said.

"Getting a proper diagnosis can be difficult."

The reality of the condition hit Katrina as a 17-year-old girl when she needed a tumour removed from her back.

"I probably didn't realise the possible implications at 17 years old and I had a mild case so I didn't grasp the concept of how bad it could be until I came in contact with other families who had severe symptoms," she said.

"You never know if your symptoms will get worse (throughout life)."

Katrina said the condition hadn't stopped her from doing anything in life, but knew she was fortunate to have a mild case.

Katrina has small tumours on her skin but said she didn't notice the condition anymore.

"I'm not conscious of it," she said. "But for those who are more disfigured there are more impacts on their life and they are more self-conscious."

It's believed more than 7000 Australians live with NF.

Katrina is ready to don her best red undies to run the 1.5km Cupid's Undie Run, as she knows she is fortunate to be able to do so.

"I'd love some local support to raise funds and support the vital work of the Children's Tumour Foundation. My goal is to raise at least $1000, but I hope to raise more than this," Katrina said.

To donate head to https://undie katrina.


Raising money and awareness of neurofibromatosis (NF)

Runs take place in Melbourne, Sydney and the Gold Coast on Valentine's Day

1.5km fun run

When you register you get a pair of red undies to run in

For more information visit

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