A pop-up COVID-19 testing clinic.
A pop-up COVID-19 testing clinic.

COVID-19: Find out how many are being tested in your area

MORE than 4000 tests for COVID-19 have been conducted across the Northern NSW Local Health District to find the 56 confirmed cases so far.

The Daily Examiner's exclusive analysis of new figures released by Data NSW accurate to April 18 shows the location of the 4016 tests conducted across our health district by postcode, when they took place, and their result.

The first test conducted in the Northern NSW Local Health District was the second test in the entire state, held in the tweed on January 14, which returned a negative result.

The first confirmed case in the state came eight days later in the next test, in the Sydney council area of Burwood.

The Clarence Valley's most tested area over the period has been in the 2460 area, which encompasses Grafton and its greater districts. 338 people from this postcode have been tested for three positive results. In this area, the first test was conducted on February 24 with the first positive result returned on March 19.

109 people have been tested in both the Maclean based 2463 postcode for one positive result, and Yamba based 2464 postcode, with two positive results.

The highest positive rate of tests have come in the 2465 postcode of Harwood, where five tests have returned two positive result.

Although there have been 47 tests for people in the 2469 postcode that takes in Iluka and Woombah, none of these are reported in the Clarence Valley region.

The Clarence Valley's total positive infection count still stands at 8 after 595 total tests across the local government area.

In the Northern Rivers Region, the 2480 area of Lismore and its hinterland has had the most people tested for coronavirus, with 598 tests for 5 positive infections.

It is closely followed by the 2478 area around Ballina with 549 tests, also revealing 5 positive results.

The most number of infections in a single postcode is tied between the 2483 and 2486 postcode, both with 6 confirmed cases, being in the Tweed Heads area, and further south around Bangalow and surrounding districts.

The highest ratio of tests to positive results in the Northern Rivers belongs to the 2476 region around Woodenbong and other hinterland areas where 15 people have been tested for 2 positive results.

In Northern Rivers LGA's, Byron and Tweed have the most cases found with 16 and 15 respectively, while Ballina has 9 and Lismore council area 5.

Northern NSW Local Area Health has been unable to provide statistics on how many people are considered to have recovered from COVID-19, only stating in their last release that two of the 56 confirmed cases are currently receiving hospital treatment, with one in ICU.

As more information is gathered each day due to ongoing surveillance of existing cases, the counts reported on each day may vary.



Number of tests by local postcodes, and confirmed cases

Postcode Number of tests Confirmed cases
2460 338 3
2462 21 0
2463 109 1
2464 109 2
2465 5 2
2466 13 0
2469 47 0
2470 157 1
2471 27 0
2472 22 0
2473 32 0
2474 78 0
2475 5 0
2476 15 2
2477 186 4
2478 549 5
2479 130 4
2480 598 5
2481 330 5
2482 141 1
2483 167 6
2484 246 1
2485 143 3
2486 318 6
2487 132 4
2488 25 0
2489 67 0
2490 6 1

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