Letter: Councillor expert

Letter: Councillor expert

WELL it now seems Cr (expert on everything) Johnson is now the expert on computer modelling and koala behaviour with his comment on the RMS Wardell bypass modelling.

It seems Jeff has an expert opinion on everything that might get him a headline.

Cr Johnson was elected as a ward representative to Ballina Shire Council but seems to have an opinion on everything but the ward he represents.

I unfortunately live in his ward and I would doubt that he is aware of any issues affecting the residents in this portion of the ward (Cumbalum).

He has visited our area once during the State election campaign touting for votes when he was not selected as a Green candidate and decided to take his bat and go home and re-establish himself as an independent.

From my point of view Cr Johnson is a councillor only when speaking on or for council business in or for his ward.

Once he goes off on one of his publicity seeking tangents he should not use the term councillor (neither should any other councillor). One thing I certainly do agree with him on is his statement "don't believe everything you read or hear".

David Robinson - Cumbalum

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