Croc sighting in Maroochy River: Why no one was told

Claims a crocodile has been seen in a Coolum creek have brought back memories for one reader.
Claims a crocodile has been seen in a Coolum creek have brought back memories for one reader. Chris Ison ROK211016ccroc5

BUDERIM woman Maureen Heaney has opened up about a crocodile sighting in the  Maroochy River and why she decided to keep it a secret:

"I reckon it is a croc at Coolum.

"A couple of years ago I was having a munch and coffee down at Picnic Point, enjoying the serenity and view, when a dark shape floated around the point with the outgoing tide.

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"It had a longish snout and a protruding forehead with a little wake following. It was not a tree branch. I watched it float by on the outgoing tide.

"I got out of the car for a better look and asked the young man who was sitting on the rock wall what he thought the shape was. Crikey, I've only been in Queensland for three weeks.

"You could tell me that was a crocodile and I would believe you. This place is so different to where I've come from."

"We watched it head towards the middle of the river and head to Twin Waters until we lost sight of it.

"There were no jet-skis, no boats, no fishermen around. Just us.

"I wished him good luck and hoped he enjoyed his stay on the Sunshine Coast, got in my car and headed home.

"I didn't tell anyone about what we saw because I thought they'd think I'd been dreaming."

Crocs south of the Boyne River

A map showing confirmed and reported sightings of crocodiles south of their accepted range.

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