Quinn Rooney, of Getty Images, captured this piece of magic from the Commonwealth Games.

Commonwealth Games 2018: Getty Image's Top 10 pics

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The 2018 Commonwealth Games provided many memorable moments over the past 11 days.

Here are some of the finest from Getty Images photographers.

1. Cameron Spencer:  In this image, captured at the Women's 100m hurdles, I chose to position myself outside the track just past the finish line.

I noticed athletes sitting in the crowd above me and thought there is a chance the winner could react my direction. As the competitors jump the hurdles I watched the big screen to see who was leading, Amusan was out in front.

I looked through my camera and committed to her with a couple of hurdles to go, crossing the line with a huge celebration that worked out well facing my direction towards athletes and spectators behind me.



Cameron Spencer, Getty Images


2. Ryan Pierse: The velodrome always makes for great picture especially in the team pursuit events. Using a very low shutter speed and a panning technique to create great movement and color, I've captured the four man Malaysian team rounding the home bend on day one of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games.

If the weather wasn't already warm enough on the Gold Coast, the velodrome here was heated to 36 degrees to provide faster track conditions for the riders.


Ryan Pierse, Getty Images


3. Clive Rose: With this image I've tried to capture the moment of entry into the water. It can be quite amazing depending on the dive as there is a lot of explosive forces occurring in a split second. I was happy to discover the divers open on this particular shot as it gives the picture an added dimension of surrealism.


Clive Rose, Getty Images


4. Mark Kolbe: With beach volleyball being played for the first time at the Commonwealth Games we knew it was important not only to shoot the action but also photograph the location and setting of the court on Coolangatta Beach.

With the help of the venue photo team we gained access to the roof of a hotel across the road, giving the best vantage point possible over the stadium on the beach and waited for the sun to set.

It wasn't the most perfect sunset I was hoping for but once the light faded and I could balance the lighting of the stadium and the sky it made for a satisfying general view over the beach volleyball venue.


5. Quinn Rooney: This image is of Yona Knight-Wisdom practicing before the finals of the 3m Springboard. He is such a powerful athlete and I noticed that when he left the dive board a big spray of water was coming off his body as he spun around. I positioned myself where I could isolate him against a black background with lights behind to make the water drops stand out and then I shot it at a 60th/a sec to make the drops turns into lines of water.



Quinn Rooney, Getty Images


6. Quinn Rooney: This image was shot on the underwater robotics camera and is of Adam Peaty of England as he competes in the Men's 100m Breaststroke Final. I positioned the camera looking down lane 4 in an effort to capture Peaty as he surfaced and broke through the water for the first time after diving off the blocks. A lot of effort and planning goes into positioning the underwater camera in just the right spot so it was a particularly satisfy image to get out of the night's work.


Quinn Rooney, Getty Images


7. Quinn Rooney: Having the opportunity to photograph in an outdoor pool at this year's Commonwealth Games was something I was very excited about.

I wanted to show case the action and the outdoor environment and the beautiful blues skies of Queensland. This was shot on an underwater camera mounted on the pool floor.

The camera was positioned under the lane rope in an effort to capture the swimmers as they break through the water surface just like Sophie Pascoe is doing in this shot.


Quinn Rooney, Getty Images


8. Phil Walter: The image was taken directly over the hoop, while leaning over the catwalk in the roof of the stadium in the Convention Centre. I had only a short 20min window to get a selection of images and this was the one that worked best with four players all contesting the ball after a rebound off the edge of the net. 


Phil Walter, Getty Images


9. Mark Metcalfe: Artistic gymnastics affords photographers a great opportunity to produce pretty pictures using slow shutter speeds.  This was my first ever day shooting gymnastics and it was a day of short sharp finals so there but I took a couple of minutes to try and create a few artistic images to show the competitors body movements in relation to the apparatus.


10. Hannah Peters: This image was taken during the Individual All-Around Final Rhythmic Gymnastics finals. I was waiting throughout her whole routine for a moment where her head disappeared.

It shows just how flexible the gymnasts are, with the positioning of the ball making the viewer look twice.