COFFS Harbour could be among the first Australians to sample some of America's sexiest burgers, with Carl's Jr coming to parts of New South Wales.

BKG Group, owners of the BYO Cellars bottle shops, is the first to announce its plans to open franchises here, although its overseas owners expect strong interest from Queensland.

BKG general manager Lindsay Brennan said stores would be built on the Central Coast, in Newcastle and potentially as far north as Coffs Harbour.

"Coffs Harbour is certainly within our development territory," Mr Brennan said.

Carl's has been operating in New Zealand since 2001, with 15 stores on its North Island.

The chain has a history of what Mr Brennan describes as "edgy marketing" which has included bikini-clad starlets Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian attempting to seductively consume an enormous Carl's Jr burger.

The habit has occasionally earned the chain the label of "slutburgers", one Mr Brennan is unlikely to embrace.

"I certainly see some positives in the notoriety but I think that's gone a fraction too far."

Carl's owners CKE Restaurants Holdings is calling for interest in all Australian states.

Mr Brennan said while he expected the first franchise to open within 12 months, others may beat him to the finish line.

"(CKE) are certainly talking about franchisees in other parts of Australia.

"They could open at a similar time to us, it's a bit outside everyone's control."

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