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Man sexually assaults mum as children scream at door

A SUNSHINE Coast man who "manhandled" his ex-girlfriend into a bathroom and sexually assaulted her walked free from court today.

The man, who cannot be named, pleaded guilty at the Maroochydore District Court to 11 charges; enter a dwelling and commit and indictable offence, wilful damage, three breaches of a domestic violence protection order and several drug possession charges.

The court was told on September 20, 2016 the man's ex-partner took out a no contact protection order against him.

Crown Prosecutor Cummings said the man breached it the same day and two other times the same week.

About 7am on September 27 the woman awoke to find him inside the house.

The 37-year-old said he was picking up the rest of his furniture but began to follow the woman around the house.

The court heard the woman was trying to act "relaxed" but gave her phone to her son and told him to call triple zero. But the man had taken the sim card out of the phone. He saw the woman using the phone, grabbed it smashed it on the tiles.

The court heard after refusing to give the woman her car keys, he forced her into the bedroom ensuite. The woman struggled to get away as he tried to kiss her, forcing her hand on his penis, the court heard.

The court was told he rubbed himself against her hand and legs and said "come on baby, just one more time". Her three children, aged between 5 and 11, were screaming on the other side of the door.

The police arrived and the woman escaped. The man came out with his hands up and later told police the woman was being provocative and "basically pole-dancing all over him".

Judge Cash said those claims were "nonsense". The court heard after the man was arrested police found meth, cannabis, acid and MDMA in his car. Police also found the man had removed the fuses from the woman's car.

Defence barrister Michael Turner said violence was out of character for his client and the man had a "deep love" for the aggrieved and her children.

Mr Turner said his client thought it would be the last time he saw the woman and tried to "engage with her sexually".

Judge Cash said the man should be "deeply shamed" by his actions, given he had a daughter of his own. Judge Cash noted the man had spent 88 days behind bars for the offending and sentenced him to 18 months jail suspended for three years.

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