Clive Palmer doesn't mind playing the political clown.
Clive Palmer doesn't mind playing the political clown. Darryn Smith

Clive Palmer labels Tony Abbott the WTF PM

IN the lead-up to the West Australian Senate election, magnate and political provocateur Clive Palmer has cheerfully told Prime Minister Tony Abbott to "wake up to himself, give himself an uppercut".

In an interview with ABC Radio National on Wednesday, Mr Palmer was asked to respond to reports his Palmer United Party was spending up to 10 times more on television advertising than his Labor and Coalition opponents.

Mr Palmer said it was not true, going on to say "for years (the Coalition) loved taking my cheques - I was their biggest donor".

"I don't think (Abbott) should attack anyone individually, this election is about ideas."

When asked about another claim from the Prime Minister questioning how Mr Palmer could want WA to keep more of its GST while previously demanding states funnel more cash to Tasmania out of GST, Mr Palmer attacked.

"The full answer is that Tasmania needs more money but it doesn't need it from the GST but from general revenue," Mr Palmer said.

"Tony Abbott is lying."

"He is lying again. Everyone in cabinet now says he's 'WTF' - worse than Fraser.

"I don't know what he's doing really.

"He should really wake up to himself, give himself an uppercut."

Mr Palmer's party won three Senate seats but a bungled recount left PUP to two.

That recount was then declared invalid after the Electoral Commission realised it had lost 1375 ballot papers.

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