CFMEU workers win payrise as Plaza and Growler roll on

CFMEU workers on some of Queensland's most critical development projects - including those on the Sunshine Coast and in Ipswich -- have won 20% in pay rises over four years.

It ends a protracted and often tense negotiations between the construction union and property giant Lendlease.

Workers in each state will have a different deal, a compromise made by the union on one of its key goals when hammering out the deal.

In Queensland and New South Wales, workers will be given a 5% pay rise per year for four years.


The NSW part of that deal has already been approved by the Fair Work Building and Construction agency, according to News Corp. The Queensland deal is yet to be submitted by Lendlease.

The hard-nosed battle between the union and development giant left giant construction projects on pause as union subcontractors refused to work.

It put the $400 million redevelopment of the Sunshine Plaza in Maroochydore, the Sunshine Coast University Hospital development and the Growler Airborne Attack Facility at Amberley at risk of delay.

Lendlease was thought to be losing $100,000 per day at the time, according to media reports.

CFMEU construction division national secretary Dave Noonan told the Australian the deal showed the government's focus on the building industry was unnecessary.

"I think you can assess the health of the industry by a look at the skylines of the major eastern seaboard cities - the amount of work in hand," he said.

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