Catch some waves this long weekend

IT'S been a beautiful week, with steady, small, fun waves almost everywhere and nature in all her glory. (Except for the 2 days of rain, that is!)

Winter may be upon us, (nearly), but you'd be hard pressed to feel it in the water, just beautiful.

We've got a long weekend on our hands so this report extends through Tuesday; (my way of saying, it's not going to change much).

Anyway, here we go:

Agnes Water to Coolangatta


Bright, sunny and lightly offshore Sat. A.M., with around a metre of mixed SE/E swell.

There's a few rips around so be aware.

Get cracking early and stick it out until the onshore SE winds get into it around midday.

Slight chance of showers in the arvy.


Another sunny, glassy morning with offshores as the sun rises and onshores before noon.

Surf size should remain in the 1 metre (+/-) range and the shape will be best on the beaches.

The arvy's going to be pretty blowy, (20 kts. SE), so that's your cue to head to the points for a small, cleaner wave.

They're calling for afternoon showers all weekend but it's a bit 'iffy'. Plan ahead and take a tarp for the barbie, just in case.


ANZAC Day? More like Groundhog Day as regards the surf and weather.

Offshore A.M., onshore SE in the afternoon and a metre or so of mixed swell.

All in all a good recipe for a great day. Sunrise service with the soldiers then straight into some fun ones on the beachies.

When the wind turns onshore, it's down to the RSL for a little two-up and a coldy.

Or perhaps watch the Rip Curl Pro on your computer or Fuel TV.


As I said in the intro...more of the same.

You've just gotta' love this time of year.


Tweed Heads to Coffs Harbour


Light winds and a small, but fun swell is on offer down South.

You can expect to find fun beachies all over the place so get on the hunt.

Onshore SE winds will get into it early due to a weak change.

Afternoon will be blown but the protected corners should offer a bit of hope for the keen.


There might be a slight lift in swell, (moreso near the border), and A.M. offshore winds will only enhance that action.

Get going if you want to make a full morning of it. Onshore SE winds will be up by midday.

Surf size will still be a metre or so and the water is cooling fast down South. Some rubber will be necessary.


As above except we should consider attending the sunrise services.

Very uplifting and it puts you in the water at the right time too.

Swell size will be a metre, more or less, and will favour the beaches.

Onshore by noon, BBQ time crew.


Just like Monday, except without the ANZAC service.

Get wet.

 A bit long winded this week crew, but with 5 days off, you need to know what's ahead.

Enjoy, respect, and go surfing!

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