Bystanders threatened by woman wielding sex toys

A WOMAN reportedly threatened several people with sex toys when an altercation erupted outside of Roches Family Hotel late Friday night.

The bizarre incident capped an eventful evening at the popular Grafton venue.

Eye-witnesses said a fight had broken out on the dance floor at the venue earlier in the night when two women accidentally collided while dancing.

Witnesses said that incident had been quickly calmed but the conflict flared again with the protagonists spilling onto Victoria St when patrons were ushered out of the establishment at closing time.

"There were two girls having an altercation out the front after the hotel closed," witness Nick Weller said.

"There was definitely some hair pulling going on and a couple of girls ended up on the ground."

Mr Weller said onlookers had then been stunned when a woman approached the scene wielding two sex toys which she used to threaten bystanders.

"Out of nowhere this other woman joined the fray with a dildo in each hand," Mr Weller said.

"She was swinging them about in the air threatening people who were standing around.

"It was just so weird to watch. My friends and I had no idea what was going on. We tried talking to her but she was seriously out of it at that stage."

The woman, who was described as Caucasian, in her late 20s to early 30s and of slight build, was allegedly armed with two rubber phallic objects.

"There was about five or six girls that were actually involved in the fighting," he said.

"But there was 20 or 30 people standing around it trying to break it up or having their own little altercations alongside.

"As soon as the cops arrived everybody sort of dropped their drinks and cleared off."

Grafton Police confirmed yesterday they had attended the incident but nobody had been charged and no person had made any serious complaints.

A Roches Family Hotel spokesman said there had been no actual fight outside the popular night spot.

"It was just a heated discussion between a couple of people that spilled onto the street," he said.

"It was cleared up pretty quickly as soon as the police arrived on scene."

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