By George, the game needs him big time

George Rose in action for the Dragons. Photo: AAP Image.
George Rose in action for the Dragons. Photo: AAP Image.

There is much about big George Rose to like - and that's not an attempt at a clever play on words because of the big fella's body mass.

Big George is somewhat a cult hero - something the game needs.

Yes, he is big - very big, in fact.

He is also an extremely talented player who, at 32, should probably be in his prime as a front rower.

Big George is also a big personality, on and off the field.

He has a sense of humour, doesn't mind poking fun at himself and, when serious, has some insightful views on the game.

But big George is seemingly very confused at this moment in his career.

He has made 151 NRL appearances for four clubs since he debuted for the Roosters in 2004.

Back then he weighed 106 kilos - or so the NRL records state.

This past season, when he weighed in for his debut season with the Dragons, big George tipped the scales at 129kg.

After making just nine appearances for the Red V in 2015, he has been shown the door by his third club in three seasons.

To suggest he is at the crossroads of his career is an understatement, and comments coming from the big fella recently indicate he has no idea where to turn.

A few of months ago he was quoted as saying he was in no rush to get back to training, and was enjoying some family time.

More recently though he has hinted that he might take up boxing.

His brother Matt is a boxing promoter and George has been helping him, and apparently likes some of what he sees.

Except one aspect - actually jumping in the ring and putting up his dukes. In a not-so-subtle explanation of his feelings George was quoted as saying 'I'm not sure I have the balls for it'.

What a shame it is that George Rose finds himself in this situation, and what a waste it would be if he surrendered his rugby league career.

Three successful clubs in three years have given him an opportunity because they believed he had the talent, but the big bloke has not responded how they hoped he would.

The simple message is 'hey George, how about you lose some weight'.

Surely the time has come to stop being the joker in the pack and actually start pulling some of that weight.

But time is running out for him. With the NRL interchange to be reduced from 10 to eight in 2016 coaches will be wanting more than 10 minutes from their bench players.

The question has to be asked - does big George have the balls to lose 20 kilos?

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