THE brother of one of the two girls accused of assaulting an elderly man on a Gold Coast bus has launched an attack on the victim, saying he is well known for his behaviour.

Mitchell Watmough took to Facebook to defend his sister Larna, 21, after she and friend Layni Cameron, 17, were charged with assaulting disabled pensioner Paul Buttigieg.

Mr Watmough claimed Mr Buttigieg started the melee when he called the girls "sluts and whores", spat on them and kicked his sister in the face.

The pensioner has denied the claims, saying he only told them to stop swearing.

Mr Watmough said the girls were being falsely portrayed as "terrible villains" and his sister was a "huge victim".

The Surfers Paradise man likened the furious social media backlash against them to the cyber-bullying of Charlotte Dawson.

"Larna isn't a racial person, completely far from it; Larna's closest friends are all indigenous with one of her indigenous friends spending last Christmas with our family,'' he wrote in the post.

"Larna never said a racial thing with the other girl saying 'we are in abo land'.

"This man 'labeled by the media as innocent' is known to police and local residence all around the area for being extremely abusive, degrading to women by spitting at them, completely sexist and known to be harassing people on a weekly basis.

"He has spat at mothers with children's and abused women in shopping centers.

"The video doesn't show Larna try to pull the other girl off and stop it at the start, while Lana tried to help she dropped her phone on the ground tried to pick it up and the man kicked her in the face which she has an injuries to her head from which then she reacted to.

"I am not on here to defend the actions after that as they are completely unacceptable and Larna is completely remorseful now.

"My first sight of the video I was also disgusted and embarrassed, but after learning the video has been edited to make only the girls look like terrible villains I now see what the media has done to create a massive story."

He called on people on social media to let the legal case take its course.

"I want to thank all my friends that have been supportive and never jumped on the bandwagon with the circus before knowing both sides."

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