Brew a cup of good karma

UPDATE: 4.15pm: It's a craze! Well, that might be a bit premature, but a second Northern Rivers cafe, Blueys on Woodlark Street, Lismore, has confirmed it too will sell "suspended coffees".

The suspended coffee idea has been building since around January, when a Facebook page focused on promoting the idea was launched.

Since then the suspended coffee photo and post, pictured below, has been popping up in news feeds as it is shared across the social networking site.

That ratcheted up a notch on the Northern Rivers yesterday with the announcement by Ballina cafe That New Coffee Shop that it had started selling suspended coffees.

Local discussion on the idea has built even further today after Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell posted a picture of The Northern Star's report this morning on the Ballina cafe's move and began encouraging Lismore businesses to get in on the act.

Now Blueys is offering suspended coffees too.

Who will be next?

A picture of the
A picture of the "suspended coffee" post that has been doing the rounds on Facebook.

8.30am: IT'S a case of karma and kind gestures down at a cafe in Ballina, as they begin a "suspended coffees" system.

That New Coffee Shop in Ballina yesterday began a venture that started in Europe to help the homeless and disadvantaged during the colder months, where a customer can buy a coffee "suspended", which then goes into a bank for someone else to enjoy.

When someone in dire straits comes into the cafe later, they may ask if there have been any suspended coffees bought, which they will then be able to drink.

Couple and co-owners Steve and Jennie Janes, who opened the coffee shop in November, said they enjoy being new and fresh with modern ideas, as well as socially conscious and helpful.

So when they saw the story of suspended coffees travel

ling around social media rapidly in the past week and had customers and friends say to them, "Hey, have you heard about this?" they decided to get in on the scheme.

Mr Janes said when they put the idea up on their Facebook page, they had a huge response instantly, and so they decided to jump into it and start the scheme up straight away.

They're using an old coffee grinder that they have as part of their display in the cafe to run the scheme, Mr Janes explained.

Purchased suspended coffee cups are put into the grind

er's bowl and are then retrieved to fill with a hot beverage for someone in need.

So how do you tell who needs a coffee and who is just trying to score a free cup?

"I suppose people could take advantage of it, but it's about karma at the end of the day," Mr Janes said.

He said they were thinking of contacting Centrelink or places like St Vincent de Paul who may have contact with the people who are most in need of the system.

Visit the That New Coffee Shop's Facebook page for more info.

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