OUR SAY: Brawl defies all pleas for sense

THE timing was incredible and disturbing.

Dozens of young men trading blows and kicks in a sickening melee of early-morning violence just hours before Rockhampton police launched a One Punch Can Kill campaign leading into the Christmas period.

The William St brawl in Rockhampton's nightclub precinct was captured on video and posted on social media yesterday.

The video lasts several minutes showing some victims punched to the ground and thrown into walls. It's a miracle no one was seriously hurt or even killed.

VIDEO: Rockhampton nightlife precinct erupts into all-out brawl

Just one of those blows could have rendered someone unconscious - and we know what happens when a skull comes into contact with concrete.

This wasn't two young blokes having a tussle; this was a wild, out-of-control brawl with no regard to consequences.

Yesterday's message from police included stats that show males between the ages of 15 and 25 are the most likely to be assault victims or offenders in Queensland. Clearly these people are not getting the message.

Rockhampton police are taking a no-tolerance approach to persons committing assaults regardless of whether it is within the home environment, in the street or within a licensed venue.

The Morning Bulletin is also taking a stand against violence in the Central Queensland commu

nity. We will be assisting Rockhampton police in its stance by launching our own campaign at the end of the month.

We won't be simply pounding a message, we intend to equip people - our audience - with the tools and capacity to make a real and tangible difference.

Stay tuned and stay safe.

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