A BOY is in hospital after being bitten by a brown snake on a rural property at the weekend.

The 14-year-old was airlifted to the Princess Alexandra Hospital from his Goondiwindi home after he was bitten in his backyard Sunday afternoon.

While the bite is among only a few to be reported, the Queensland Ambulance Service is urging people to remain vigilant and remind themselves of what to do in case they are bitten.

It follows the removal of two brown snakes by a Toowoomba snake catcher yesterday, including a 1.8m male eastern brown pulled from under a concrete slab at a Preston property.

QAS Darling Downs local ambulance network senior operations supervisor Brad Setch said it was vital people be aware of the emergency procedure when dealing with snake bites - the most important point being to stay calm and try not to move.

"We (paramedics) treat it as a medical emergency but that's because people don't do the appropriate treatment," he said.

"People should treat themselves under a first aid regime and that's to bandage over the bite area at the lowest point (toes or fingers).

"The bandage should have the same pressure as a sprained ankle so don't cut the circulation off."

Dave Wiedman of Rapt in Reptiles with an male eastern brown snake he relocated from a Preston property.
Dave Wiedman of Rapt in Reptiles with an male eastern brown snake he relocated from a Preston property. Kevin Farmer

Mr Setch said venom worked through the slow-moving lymphatic system.

He said bite victims typically didn't need antivenom because snakes didn't always inject venom as people were not a food source for them.

"They don't always tend to envenomate you," he said.

"If you are trying to kill them, they will give you everything they've got because their fight system is the same as anything.

"We don't need to see the snake and the hospital don't need the snake, just mark the bite area on the bandage so when we get to the hospital, they can test to see if there is any venom injected."

Mr Setch said anyone suspected of being bitten by a snake should stay calm, call 000 and wrap the limb as soon as possible.

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